36 weeks

This week Blake celebrated his very first Father’s Day!


We spent the afternoon at my grandparent’s house laying out and splashing around in the pool, having lunch with the family and celebrating the day with my dad and grandfather.


Now that Shadow feels more comfortable in the water after our day at First Landing last weekend, he couldn’t WAIT to jump in the pool!  Granted, he still waited for Blake to get in every time with him and wouldn’t go in the water on his own, but he seemed to love jumping in after Blake.

IMG_7657That evening, we headed down to Chix to watch the band, get some dinner, and celebrate Father’s Day with Blake’s dad. It was a relaxing day and just what we needed at the end of a long weekend.


Also this week was our hospital tour! I’ll be delivering at the Princess Anne Sentara hospital, which means that my work, pediatrician, doctor’s office, and hospital are all on the same block. Talk about convenience! The tour really helped us feel oriented to where we’ll be going when we arrive, where the rooms are in comparison to the nursery, and how the whole process works. It’s crazy to think that the next time we’re there it’ll be time to meet Baby Brantley!

Over the weekend, we had our second and third baby showers… one with friends and the other hosted by my coworkers.  Our shower with friends was a “BaByQ” cookout with barbeque, pasta salad, corn salsa, watermelon, and all the side dishes and fixins required at a BBQ. The weather didn’t look so hot earlier in the day but by the time guests arrived, it was cool and comfortable. We had a cornhole tournament (which Blake and I lost right in the first round) and his parents made homemade ice cream for dessert! It was amazing!!!  We also got a lot more of the gifts off of our registry which was really helpful, plus some personalized and really special gifts that were handmade by some of our friends. Blake was laughing at me at first because I was getting so excited about opening a crib pad, but every new item we get for Brantley is one step closer to us being ready to bring him home so I was legitimately excited about each new gift no matter how mundane. A crib pad on the crib means it’s ready for a sheet, which means it’s ready for our baby boy!

Our last shower was brunch at Baker’s Crust. SO YUMMY! My friends at work went all out, even at a restaurant. We had games, quizzes, a due date pool, cupcakes from Just Cupcakes (gluten free for me!), and table centerpieces! I was shocked that they made it so special. The girls totally spoiled me with more gifts and now our foyer is filled to the brim with Brantley’s clothes, toys, and gear. Hopefully we’ll be able to finish painting his room and refinishing his furniture soon so we can get it all up into his nursery!


  1. Happy Daddy Day Blake! You’ll be great at this~

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