1000 Gifts

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1. Dad’s silent laugh.

2. Mom’s ability to rate our sentimental birthday cards by way of tears.

3. Cameron’s forehead, I don’t feel so alone in the world.

4. Knate’s dancing skills when he performs on stage with his 70’s funk band.

5. Beautiful starry night sky.

6. Calming sound of raindrops on the windshield.

7. Palm trees.

8. White sand under my feet.

9. Paid time off with my family to enjoy a vacation together.

10. Time alone to appreciate Your creation.

11. Mom laughing so hard that she spit her water all over the dining room table.

12. Me laughing so hard that I wet my pants… for real. I’ll admit it.

13. Tostitos chips with queso.

14. Patience.

15. The way my favorite 4 year-old patient says my name.

16.  My teacher-like handwriting, courtesy of my Mom.

17. Highlighters… and their positive impact on the organization of my life.

18. My competitive streak.

19. My ability to strike up conversation with just about anyone.

20. Sushi.

21. My straight-shooter approach to life.

22. The courage to have tough conversations.

23. Movie nights.

24. Freedom from the pain of past relationships.

25. Peace about my current life.

26. Evolution wine.

27. Courage to stand up for myself.

28. Hope that God’s will for me is better than anything I can plan for myself.

29. Peace of knowing that I’m right where He wants me to be.

30. Chicken noodle soup.

31. Starbucks nonfat hazelnut lattes.

32. 24… the show.

33. My “Orchestrated family”.

34. Shooting stars.

35. Turnout gear.

36. Dancing in the kitchen.

37. Music that speaks louder than my own words.

38. Confidence.

39. The Beach Boys.

40. Fireworks.

41. Toddler giggles.

42. Corolla, North Carolina.

43. A job that I love.

44. Late-night laughs during a game of Pit with the cousins.

45. A boyfriend who does the yard work and cooks dinner while I’m at work late.

46. A night around the pool with girlfriends and wine.

47. Whitney, my future sister-in-law.

48. A man who asks for help in Lowe’s.

49. God’s perfect timing.

50. Storage bins.

51. The ability to conceive a child.

52. The feeling of Baby Brantley kicking me, even when it keeps me up at night.

53. Fruit smoothies.

54. Nutella…. pregnancy cravings!

55. Hayley’s random texts about how excited she is for a new baby cousin.

56. My husband’s amazing work ethic.

57. Having an excellent travel buddy as a husband.

58. Maternity jeans.


  1. Your cheerful outlook on life in general is a gift to your entire family! remembing 29 years ago tonight, I had no idea what great blessings God had in store for me. He is the giver of all good gifts.


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