36 weeks

This week Blake celebrated his very first Father’s Day!


We spent the afternoon at my grandparent’s house laying out and splashing around in the pool, having lunch with the family and celebrating the day with my dad and grandfather.


Now that Shadow feels more comfortable in the water after our day at First Landing last weekend, he couldn’t WAIT to jump in the pool!  Granted, he still waited for Blake to get in every time with him and wouldn’t go in the water on his own, but he seemed to love jumping in after Blake.

IMG_7657That evening, we headed down to Chix to watch the band, get some dinner, and celebrate Father’s Day with Blake’s dad. It was a relaxing day and just what we needed at the end of a long weekend.


Also this week was our hospital tour! I’ll be delivering at the Princess Anne Sentara hospital, which means that my work, pediatrician, doctor’s office, and hospital are all on the same block. Talk about convenience! The tour really helped us feel oriented to where we’ll be going when we arrive, where the rooms are in comparison to the nursery, and how the whole process works. It’s crazy to think that the next time we’re there it’ll be time to meet Baby Brantley!

Over the weekend, we had our second and third baby showers… one with friends and the other hosted by my coworkers.  Our shower with friends was a “BaByQ” cookout with barbeque, pasta salad, corn salsa, watermelon, and all the side dishes and fixins required at a BBQ. The weather didn’t look so hot earlier in the day but by the time guests arrived, it was cool and comfortable. We had a cornhole tournament (which Blake and I lost right in the first round) and his parents made homemade ice cream for dessert! It was amazing!!!  We also got a lot more of the gifts off of our registry which was really helpful, plus some personalized and really special gifts that were handmade by some of our friends. Blake was laughing at me at first because I was getting so excited about opening a crib pad, but every new item we get for Brantley is one step closer to us being ready to bring him home so I was legitimately excited about each new gift no matter how mundane. A crib pad on the crib means it’s ready for a sheet, which means it’s ready for our baby boy!

Our last shower was brunch at Baker’s Crust. SO YUMMY! My friends at work went all out, even at a restaurant. We had games, quizzes, a due date pool, cupcakes from Just Cupcakes (gluten free for me!), and table centerpieces! I was shocked that they made it so special. The girls totally spoiled me with more gifts and now our foyer is filled to the brim with Brantley’s clothes, toys, and gear. Hopefully we’ll be able to finish painting his room and refinishing his furniture soon so we can get it all up into his nursery!

26 Weeks

Baby Brantley, You kick me like crazy! ALL THE TIME. You are unrelenting.

I feel like sometimes you’re practicing for the World Cup or something, you’re moving around and kicking my tummy so hard you can now see the movement through my clothes.  Blake and I were sitting on the couch last night and you kept kicking me in one place specifically and sure enough you can see my stomach bounce out and back in again every time you move. It’s the craziest thing to know that there is another human life inside of my body. People probably say all the time it’s so special, “spiritual,” an “unreal experience” but let’s be honest. It’s just weird!

Let me put it this way: there is a living being inside my body that is feeding off of me and growing larger and larger by the day taking over all available space and shoving my vital organs into my rib cage. I think some cultures call that a parasite. But we call it pregnancy.

I’ve been saying this since Day One and I’ll say it again, pregnancy is the most unnatural natural thing in the universe. But I will also add that we are blessed to even have the opportunity to grow another human and I won’t complain anymore… at least not until next week’s post.


This week we had our second round of Mommy dinners but this time invited the guys to come along! Unfortunately, Blair and Ty (due 5 weeks before me) were taking their hospital prep class that night so they couldn’t join us, but we’re determined to get all four of us girls together soon!  We met on a beautiful Friday night with perfect weather for an outdoor restaurant, and after driving by Rudee’s we quickly realized that everyone had the same idea. Surprise, surprise, we ended up at Chix. 🙂


22 weeks

Brrrrr!!! We spent the weekend in snowy cold Snowshoe, West Virginia! Blake was so excited to get a weekend of snowboarding and when people asked me what I was going to do, I wondered how on earth they didn’t get it. 3 days. In a cabin. With my dog. In front of the fireplace. Sipping hot cocoa. Reading a book. What’s not to love???  Not only that but Snowshoe has an adorable little town area with shopping, restaurants, and a Starbucks. What more do you need?

We packed up our suitcases and the dog and headed for the mountains with a friend of mine and her son. Conveniently, her son is learning to snowboard and Danielle isn’t much of a skier so I knew I would have a friend to hang with back at the cabin. Shadow was so cute on the drive up, he doesn’t mind riding in the car with us when we’re in Blake’s truck because he can lay down between us with his head in one of our laps but when he’s in my SUV he’s constantly back and forth between the back seat and the front center console.


It’s like he just wants to be as close to us as possible, even if that means sitting in my lap in the passenger seat or trying to crawl on Daddy (which I prohibit because let’s be honest, that’s just slightly a distraction to him while he’s driving).

IMG_7673Is he not just the cutest?  We certainly think so. 🙂

Blake did his research and found us a great cabin that we rented through VRBO so we got it for a great deal and it was within walking distance to everything. We packed most of our groceries for the weekend but Preggers needed some ice cream and Blake made a special request for Chips Ahoy so we did end up making a few trips to the grocery store which was just a short walk down the street. Danielle and I also took puppy on a walk each afternoon in between lounging on the couch and taking a late afternoon nap. It was the best.

We also took daily walks to the little town area where all the restaurants and shops are. We had Shadow with us so we tested out his puppy-ness and tied up his leash to a post just outside of Starbucks. I wasn’t so sure how he’d do out there by himself but  when Baby wants a decaf hazelnut machiatto, mommy’s gotta get him one so I tied up Shadow’s leash, told him to stay and slowly walked into the store while checking back to look at him every 5 or 6 seconds to make sure he wasn’t biting, jumping, or getting stolen. Not surprisingly, he immediately made friends with every person that walked by and when they walked away he just laid there and waited for me.


He also loved our cabin just as much as we did. He had his own little play area on the deck where Blake shoveled out an area of snow so he could play with his ball without it falling through the cracks of the deck and down to the first floor. He was also thrilled to have snow to play in again as it is apparently his favorite thing to roll in, play in, and eat.

The rest of our cabin was just perfect. Of course, why should I be surprised. Blake does his research. The cabin had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a great big living room with a large kitchen where Blake cooked our meals. It was the perfect place for morning coffee by the fire, afternoon naps, and long movies.

Danielle and I are also working on a project for the Strawberry Festival this year. She always works at the festival as a food vendor selling fresh-dipped chocolate covered strawberries and I had offered to help her with it. But we wanted to add another food item to her tent so we spent one afternoon researching and brainstorming  different ideas for the festival. Which just made me hungry, so we went back to the store.

On our last night there, we did some shopping and ate at a delicious restaurant. We also took our 22 week photo!


Unfortunately, just a millisecond after Blake took this photo, a huge gust of wind came through and knocked our beloved frame right to the ground, smashing the glass into a million pieces and breaking the frame in two.

Fix-It Man Blake to the rescue.

In the meantime, happy 22 weeks!










21 weeks



Yes, this week we found out that you’re a boy!  And I must admit we REALLY REALLY wanted a boy. It’s not that we don’t want to have a daughter but we were both really hoping for a boy first and we got our wish!  Not to mention, I would say 95% of people asked told me they thought you would be a boy from the day they found out I was pregnant so I guess some people just know.

There may have been other things that happened this week but none are even worth mentioning in comparison to the results of our gender reveal party so I’ll jump right to that. Blake and I loved the idea of having a gender reveal party, actually Blake was the one who first mentioned it just a few days after we got engaged and I was showing him how to look up wedding and party ideas on Pinterest. He came across a gender reveal party photo and asked if we could have one… that was 7  months before we even got pregnant but hey, my man loves any reason to celebrate!

There are tons of different gender reveal ideas including colored cake or cake pops, opening a box of colored balloons, popping a balloon filled with a single color of confetti, etc. We finally decided to have a silly string reveal where each person at the party had a can of silly string and sprayed us with it all at the same time. We thought this would be a fun way of finding out the gender because it gets everyone involved and we all find out at the exact same time.  So who buys the silly string?  Enter my dear friend Blair. She’s due a month before me and is having a little baby girl, so I thought it would not only be fun for her to find out first but I also knew that Blake wouldn’t be able to pay her off for the information before the actual party. She also wrapped each individual can… they turned out so cute!


Next we had to decide on a theme and again we were overwhelmed with different ideas from the internet and Pinterest. Bows or Bowties? Team Pink or Team Blue? He or She? Cars and Trucks or Ribbons and Bows? Ties or Tutus? We loved all of those ideas but none of them really seemed to be a good fit. We were throwing ideas around about how to incorporate the beach theme and Blake mentioned the word grommet, which is the slang word for a little kid surfer. Immediately, I jumped on it and created a whole surf themed party playing off the phrase “Baby on Board” relating to a surfboard and instead of “He or She?” we used surfer slang terms “Grommet or Mahina?”


From there we went onto the details, adding surf-themed and beach-themed decorations, seashells, pink and blue/turquoise colors, sand buckets, beach towels, etc. It was so much fun to decorate and luckily, we already had most of what we needed at home.



We wanted to have a voting board so we used one of the turquoise frames from our wedding and the surfboard that was supposed to be at our head table (but we ended up just not using it) and Blake added a plywood chalkboard to create our homemade voting board. We also ordered small surfboards from the same company that we got our escort card surfboards, and I hand painted blue and pink waves on the boards and added pins to the back. Each person wrote their name under either the “GIRL” or “BOY” side then took a pin in that coordinating color to wear during the party.

As you can see, the votes were pretty even although I did have a quite a few people tell me they voted girl just because they were trying to even things up… just in case it really was a girl and she grew up with a complex because no one believed she would be a she. Luckily, we didn’t have to worry about that. 🙂

We also added a couple activities for people to do during the party. We had a stack of cards that had “Words of Love for Baby Roberson” and also “Words of Advice for Blake and Meghan”… we still haven’t read them all because we’re trying to read them through when we’re together and that only happens a few hours every other day but we’ve loved reading the ones we’ve been through so far.

We also had “Diaper Thoughts” where we had a bunch of newborn diapers in a vintage bassinet passed down to us from my aunt. We asked people to write a funny note or message to us for those late night, middle of the night, and early morning diaper changes when we can hardly keep our eyes awake and maybe just maybe a funny joke will keep us awake and alert for the next few moments.


Then we played a game we called “3am”… it’s 3:00 in the morning. Baby is crying. Needs a diaper change. It’s completely pitch black in the nursery because you’ve installed every room-darkening shade Lowe’s carried in order to maximize nap times. While successful in blocking out every ray of light possible, now you find yourself unable to see a thing and stuck in a difficult situation: Do I change the baby in the dark or turn the light on and ruin all chances of it ever going back to sleep?  You decide to go with the former, risking bodily injury to yourself after tripping over infant toys and bouncer seats in order to increase the likelihood that Baby will continue sleeping after your ninja-style quick-change.

The task was: (1) take the baby’s onesie off, (2) change its diaper, (3) put a new onesie back on. We were judged on directional accuracy of diaper and clothing, appropriate form, and safety. Blake was the first one to complete Step One, but in doing so he also broke that poor little babydoll’s neck resulting in docked points. He then proceeded to put the diaper on over one of it’s shoulders, and during his attempt at re-dressing with the clean onesie, he also shoved an arm and a leg through one leg whole while holding Baby upside down by the other foot.

We obviously know who the winner was.


Next, it was time for the big reveal!  You already know what it is (obviously you’ve read this far already and even if I hadn’t written it at the top of the post I know only my mom and my aunt Laurie ever really read these whole posts and they were there so sorry there aren’t any surprises this time.) We did our big silly string reveal on the back porch. Everyone had a can and everyone shot their can at us at the same time while Blair and Ty took photos and a video of the whole thing.


BLUE!!!! The dog was a little freaked out but he could fend for himself. Us on the other hand?  We were covered head to toe in icky sticky wet blue silly string.


Happy 21 weeks Baby Boy!


16 Weeks

We spent my birthday weekend at our family’s beach house in Corolla, NC. Blake planned the whole weekend with our friends and it was such a perfect weekend at the house. When we arrived, everything was completely covered in snow and we had to dig around the front yard to find the water shut-off access panel so we could turn it back on. Ugh. But then it was smooth sailing after that!

Shadow loved running up and down the deserted beach, chasing his ball, and running away from the waves.


He looks so small on the walkway to the beach but we know we’ll get another shot like this sometime in the future with full-grown Shadow.


In addition to the party planning that Blake did, he also had Mocktail recipes for the preggers girls!  We enjoyed non-alcoholic mojitos called “nojitos” and a delicious orange-lime concoction called the “Orange Lime Relaxer”. Some of the non-pregnant girls even asked for Blake to make one for them! One of my friends Sarah also brought sparkling Chardonnay grape juice so we had our own “wine”. We felt so well taken care of.


The birthday party portion of the night was a “Revenge of the Nerds” theme party and everyone got into their costumes!  We saw oversized black-rimmed classes, suspenders, pigtails, pocket-protectors, and Ashley even wore her retainer!  It was a blast and of course, Blake also made dinner for the whole gang.  Yum!


Life happens

I had brunch with my girlfriends this morning to celebrate Shannon’s 28th birthday and it amazed me to look around and see how things have changed. This is the group of girls who became my world, my lifeline, and my saving grace during the most difficult months of my life. The majority of us were all single at the time and we spent endless weekends out at the oceanfront, sharing crab dip at Waterman’s, staying out too late after concerts on the beach, and drinking mimosas the next morning over sleepy stories of the night before. We did 80’s concerts, Christmas parties, beach house weekends, and a long overdue girls trip to Las Vegas.

Over the past few years most of us single girls have found new loves and brought them into the group, introducing a new group of their own friends and growing our circle larger and larger by the day. This morning was the first time in months we had all been together and in that time we had a lot of announcements to share: two marriages, two pregnancies, one move across the country, another move to the other side of the globe, and 3 (maybe 4!) upcoming weddings.


Life happens. And it’s pretty awesome.

9 weeks


I have some catching up to do… our weekly pregnancy photos began the week we announced that we were expecting… 9 weeks. I’ve seen a lot of women take a photo in front of the same empty wall in their house, with the same chalkboard, holding a piece of fruit that represents the baby’s size that week, etc. etc. etc. But seriously… the likelihood that I will actually go to the store and buy a kumquat for a photo is slim to none and we don’t even have an empty wall in this house. So there goes that idea.

Instead, we decided to use the same frame from our pregnancy announcement and take a picture wherever we are, whatever we’re doing. So in addition to our weekly “bump photo” or non-bump photo as it seemed this week, I’ll also include all the nitty gritty details of my somewhat normal and probably not so interesting day-to-day life. So here it goes!

Big news of the week… I officially changed my name at the DMV, Social Security office, and the bank. Whew. We also announced our pregnancy to the world. No big deal.

We announced our pregnancy on facebook, of course, with a “We’ve been naughty” photo of Blake and I at a Christmas tree farm. We took the photos ourselves with a handy dandy tripod. Gotta love it. We probably took over 300 photos. We’re ridiculous.  We also shared our news with our close friends at our third annual neighborhood/friends Christmas party. The guys always do a bottle exchange and wrap a nice bottle of liquor as a gift.  We wrapped a huge baby bottle thinking this would be an obvious message.

Not so much. Blake added a note that said “You’re gift will arrive in July, 2014. Merry Christmas, from the Robersons.” It still took a few seconds for it to even register with our friends but they eventually got the message. The baby bottle was used as a cup the rest of the night.


Oh and the girls thought a little cherry tomato photo was in order!

9 weeks

Sunday night was our ritual “Sunday dinner” at the fire station, which is a tradition we have kept since we started dating. Blake works every third Sunday so I always make it up there for dinner and the guys know to expect me.

31 weeks and counting!

I’m back!!!

It has been almost a full year since I last wrote and I think I had reached a point where my life was just so full and so wonderful that I didn’t even care about spending an extra five minutes to write on my blog. I have spent the last year transitioning from girlfriend, to fiance, to wife, and now to expecting mother. There are no words to describe the year I’ve had… the year WE’ve had as a family of two and now three. And I realize there are still a number of people in this world who still want to hear what I have to say and see pictures of what’s going on in the lives of our little family so I’m bringing it back.

Here is the quick review of the highlights of our year…

In January, Blake and I took a trip to Vegas with his dad and ran into Marianne… what are the chances?!?!?! We spent the evening teaching Marianne and Cory how to play craps while they tried to teach us roulette. And we won over $500! So crazy we see each other maybe once a year or every other year and we end up in the same place on the same weekend.


We celebrated my 30th birthday in the Outer Banks with a surprise 80’s dance party! Blake planned the whole weekend, sent invites, made meals, and decorated the house for my birthday bash. When everyone else was sleepy and retired to the hot tub, our dance party continued all night long even with just the two of us. We always seem to have so much fun together!


Our family took a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Israel and saw just about everything we could possibly see. We rode across the Sea of Galilee, climbed the mountain to see where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, floated in the Dead Sea, walked through ruins of cities that existed during the time of Jesus, prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane, and walked along the Wailing Wall of the temple in Jerusalem.

Blake proposed! We were at the beach house for a relaxing weekend with a group of firefighters and their wives and on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, Blake poured us both a glass of my favorite wine and walked me down to the beach. His lieutenant’s wife also happens to be a professional photographer so she snapped photos of the whole thing.
The newly engaged couple took a trip to Disney World in May, BEFORE adding kids to the mix. We figured we could do Disney one time the way we wanted without spending hours in line to get characters autographs and photos.IMG_8329
In true Meghan and Blake fashion, we celebrated Christmas in July again this summer complete with wrapped presents under a tree decorated with our personalized ornaments and Christmas lights. We also watched a never-ending number of Christmas movies and ate junk food for hours on end. Always a favorite!IMG_8548
Another year, another reunion, and this time I brought back everyone’s favorite non-family member as my soon-to-be husband! I can’t tell you how many people told me last year that I should marry Blake… so they were all so happy to see us again and this time with a ring and a wedding date. Blake took his first ride on a grapevine, too!IMG_8647
Shannon and Ashley planned a couple’s shower for us before the big day and everyone loved the Stock the Bar theme. Our favorite moments were playing their pre-wedding version of “Crimes Against Humanity”… everyone’s answers were so fabulous and so hilarious.IMG_8855
On October 18, 2013 I married my best friend, my whole world, and the most amazing man I’ve ever known. He is a hero to the world and the foundation of our home. I have never been so head over heels in love.portraits-1427
After a whirlwind wedding and after-party, we slept for only 2 hours and hopped on a first class flight to Dominican Republic! Our honeymoon suite overlooking the beach was just perfect. We walked out to the beach every day, took catamaran rides, went snorkeling, rode dune buggies through the wilderness, and slept in every day. It was the perfect vacation, perfect honeymoon, and perfect break away from the craziness of the last few months of wedding planning!IMG_9696
Thanksgiving weekend was spent in North Carolina with Blake’s family… and I was worried about taking him to West Virginia??? We spent the whole day skeet shooting! I had a chance to get to know his family better and we all shared a huge meal with hundreds of family members and friends, then braved the outlets for some Black Friday shopping.IMG_0109
In December, we co-hosted the 3rd Annual Terrrace Avenue Christmas Party with our neighbors and friends. The bottle exchange was high class this year so as soon as the guys each opened their bottle, they immediately went missing as they hid them away!IMG_0392
Oh and did I mention…. We’re PREGNANT!!!!! We didn’t waste any time and had a very “productive” honeymoon. HeheIMG_0263
Stay tuned for belly bump updates as I will probably redeem my title as the Queen of TMI. 🙂

1000 Gifts


The Beach Boys.


Toddler giggles.

Corolla, North Carolina.

A job that I love.

Late-night laughs during a game of Pit with the cousins.

A boyfriend who does the yard work and cooks dinner while I’m at work late.

A night around the pool with girlfriends and wine.

Oh, and Whitney… my future sister-in-law!!!


See original post here and full list here.

Life moves at such a fast pace…

Life moves at such a fast pace sometimes I can hardly keep up with my day-to-day responsibilities much less make sure I’m writing regularly and keeping everyone up to date.  So here is a quick recap of my last couple of months:

In June, I was the MOH (maid-of-honor for those of us in the wedding industry) at my friend Blair’s wedding.  Friday morning started with mani/pedi appointments with the bridesmaids and bride, a delicious luncheon with all the girls, and later that evening was the rehearsal dinner, where I got to sit beside the guy who created the “like” button.  For real. The wedding on Saturday was an absolute blast, with my favorite DJ and packed out dance floor all night long. It was fun to be able to actually attend a wedding as a guest rather than as the planner because I got to enjoy the evening of fun rather than watching from the sidelines, but I also got to hang out with alot of my Emily Weddings girls since many of them were working the event, 2 of us bridesmaids are on the team, and also the bride herself.

Shortly after Blair’s wedding, I was invited to a weekend away in the Outer Banks.  Yep, this was the weekend I met Blake. And ladies, let me just tell you. When you’re greeted at the beach by a guy laying in the water, shirt off, lookin all fly, with a drink in his hand, you’d fall for him too.

The weekend I met Blake, I had just finished a double header wedding weekend – two weddings in one weekend, one Friday and one Saturday.  To someone attending two weddings in a weekend this is exhausting, but when you’re the coordinator of a wedding, you’re putting in 12 hour days and it’s just so gosh darn HOT outside this time of year that you literally think you might just pass out the very second you walk in your front door at the end of the night.  The last wedding we had was outside (again) and the weather forecast was estimating temperatures to push past 100 degrees. No worries. We’ll send the wedding party out of the house where the wedding was taking place on the front lawn, then watch the ceremony from inside the house where it was nice and cool. Nope, Carrie (the lead coordinator) would get to watch from the comfort of the air conditioned house while I am literally stuck behind a tree manning the iPod ceremony music.

Summer is the season for concerts and after buying the MegaTicket this year for the first time, I’ve attended every single country concert since the beginning of the summer.  So far I’ve seen Sugarland, Eli Young Band, Little Big Town, Rascall Flatts, Miranda Lambert, Darius Rucker, Thompson Square, and Lady Antebellum.  Before the end of the summer I’ll also see Toby Keith, Brantley Gilbert, Brad Paisley, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, The Band Perry and my all-time favorite Zac Brown Band! It’s been a summer of music and whenever we get the chance, we’re out and about dancing our heads off at any place with live music.

A couple of weeks ago, my cousins Melanie and Nathan came into town from Nashville and we got a chance to bring their kids (Joshua, 6 and Matthew, 4) out to Blake’s station for a tour of the station.  The boys got to try on a fireman’s hat and sit in the front seat of the truck, and I got to see my man in all his gear as he left on a fire call.  My 93 year-old grandmother was with us that evening and she wouldn’t stop nagging Blake to get some of those good looking firefighters out there to talk to her.  (She’s still fiesty and SUCH a flirt!)  Nathan ran over to the 7-11 to grab some drinks for the kids and came back with a particularly “stimulating” beverage for his wife called NeuroGasm that is apparently now available in your local 7-11 store.  Granny thought it was hilarious and insisted we take a photo:

My little brother Cameron made it back home for a couple of days to play a show at a new music venue at the oceanfront.  He has been touring with his band for the last month performing at various camps and retreat weekends leading up to their 4-month tour this fall.  He rocks.  And we were super excited to watch him and the band perform!

So you already know I got a SUP board right?  Yeah, I thought I told you about that.  Well, while Cam was home with the band for the weekend, we had a pool day at my grandparents house and we brought our boards over to paddle out in the river.  It was MEGA hot and by the time we got over there we didn’t want anything to do with that murky water, so Cameron put them in the pool instead. “Try paddle boarding: Check. Now we’re one step closer to dying.”

That’s a busy month huh?  Well, I still haven’t even mentioned the week-long vacation we took last week in the Outer Banks.  I’ll have to fill you in on that one later!

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