Me? My name is Meghan.

Things I love?

my husband and my adorable little boy.

our home near the oceanfront in Virginia Beach.
my relationships with my brothers and sister-in-law.
singing really loud in my car.
medium 7-11 hazelnut coffee with 3 hazelnut creamers… it’s an addiction, for real.
lazy days at the beach house with a good book.
cheap Mexican food.
a sweatshirt and jeans with flip flops.
live music at the oceanfront.
girls nights out or in.
knate’s and cam’s music.
muddin’ in west virginia.
our puppy, Shadow.
watching the ocean waves.
taking pictures.
nightly family dance parties.
the sound of an acoustic guitar.

trail mix.
riding bikes on atlantic ave.
singing along with michael buble in the shower.

cold weather clothes (even though I hate cold weather).
international missions.
grilling out in the backyard with friends.
sleeping in.
coconut pound cake.
peppermint anything.
vanilla candles.

s’mores on our back deck.

cuddling up on the couch to watch a movie.

experiencing the world through the eyes of my son.

watching thunderstorms.

comfy pants, another addiction.

traveling and experiencing different cultures.

back scratches.

making a fool of myself… as long as other people laugh.


not having a plan on vacations.

just making it up as you go along.

our wood-burning fireplace during cold winter nights.

double dates.

the chaos of family gatherings.

the sun room at the beach house.

playing cards.

scarves and knee socks.

preacher cookies, a family favorite.

vintage cameras.

knowing that wherever I go and whatever I do, I am loved.

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