35 weeks

The week started with two showers on Sunday afternoon. At 11am I attended a friend’s bridal shower for her wedding coming up in August, then at 12:30 I drove out to Norfolk for a baby shower for little baby Braydon (Brantley’s soon-to-be best bud). Both showers were so wonderful and I got to eat brunch twice. Always a good day. 🙂

On Friday I had an appointment with at my doctor’s office and while I was there I asked the nurse practitioner if she could tell where Brantley was positioned. I always feel him pushing out on my right side and a hard object right in the middle of my stomach towards the top and I was just curious what I was feeling. She tried to tell where he was but was concerned that he might be transverse (sideways). That’s not good. So we did an ultrasound and it turns out, he’s in the perfect position for delivery already and based on what I’ve been feeling over the past couple months I think he’s been there a while. The hard bump I feel in the middle of my stomach is his butt and the little pushes I feel on my side are his feet! It was nice to be able to see him again and know that everything looks great.

The ultrasound tech also told me that he’ll be born with a full head of hair! I couldn’t even imagine it, since all of us kids were born bald and stayed that way for the first couple years of life. Blake, on the other hand, was born with hair so maybe he’ll even have his daddy’s curls!

On Saturday morning, I was honored with a family baby shower at my aunt’s house. It was SO well put together and my two aunts had done so much work preparing for the shower. Cindy’s house was a beautiful backdrop and had been prepared just for us, and Laurie had come up with so many adorable little details for the shower!



The theme was “Buoy, Oh Boy!” and included nautical decor, buoy-decorated cupcakes, banner flags, and beautiful hydrangea table centerpieces set inside turquoise jute baskets (which were part of Laurie’s gift to us). There were mimosas and “Mom-osas”, a slew of brunch foods – my favorite – and blue nail polish favors with custom personalized tags for each guest.

IMG_7641IMG_7640It turned out to be a beautiful day and we took home so many things we really needed for Brantley’s nursery… crib, pack-n-play, carseat and base, stroller, clothes, toys, bath products, medical supplies, humidifier, books, a diaper “cake”, and a hand-crocheted firefighter outfit for his newborn photos!

We’re already feeling better about the nursery situation… even if all of the gifts are still sitting in our foyer while we finish the painting process. At least we know he’ll have somewhere to sleep!


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