Brantley: 21 months


This Easter was a little different than years past because we spent the weekend in West Virginia at Snowshoe! The condo was available and the weather looked great so we drove out for one last weekend on the slopes. Well… Daddy hit the slopes while you and I relaxed at the condo, which was the perfect way to spend a quiet weekend away.

On Easter morning, we brought you downstairs to follow the track of jellybeans the Easter bunny left behind leading you to your Easter basket filled with flips flops, sunglasses, a new slinky, and other little toys that were perfect for our little boy. Snowshoe hosted their very own Easter egg hunt later that morning and in sweatshirts and fleece jackets (a little different than what we wear at home), we scoured the village for little plastic eggs filled with treats that Mommy and Daddy would eat later. There were so many kids there you only got a few eggs but you didn’t seem to mind, and at the end of the hunt you were pretty excited about the treasures in your bucket.

Whenever G-Daddy comes over to visit, you grab your walker toy and hand him the popper and for the next half hour the two of you run back and forth, back and forth across the living room floor.


You and Shadow are becoming best buds – you love to feed him in the mornings and evenings and you also like sitting on him. Apparently this is lots of fun.



Special moments and memories:

  • Your favorite food is a quesadilla, which you call “dilla” but whenever we go out for Mexican food we have to hide the chips from you because once you see those chips it’s game over.
  • Last month you were interested in Baby Zoey but definitely did NOT want me to hold her. This month you seem to be warming up to her a little more and whenever Christie and Will bring her over, all you want to do is sit next to Christie and stare at Zoey. My little boy, who is only still when he’s asleep, will sit there completely calm for 10 minutes or so while watching Zoey sleep. It’s the most precious thing.
  • Along with your newfound love of reggae music, you’ll now ask for “Marley” when you wake up in the mornings.
  • We started trying Time Out with you this month but you didn’t really seem to get it initially. You would just kinda sit there and look at us while sitting on the steps, kicking your feet, smiling, and obviously not feeling very punished. So we stopped it after a little while and figured we would try again soon. But then every time we would tell you “no” you would immediately point to the steps as if asking if you were going to Time Out. So maybe you understand more than you’re leading on.
  • You’ve added “oh yeah!” and “woah!” to your vocabulary but your favorite word is “dilla-boo” but we have absolutely NO CLUE what it means.
  • And your favorite book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar, especially the part when the caterpillar gets a stomachache. You grab your tummy as soon as we turn to that page and make a grumbling unintelligible spoken version of “stomachache” and it’s absolutely adorable.

We love you, Brantley.


Love, Your Mama




  1. I love that you are documenting your baby’s milestones and precious moments. Your Aunt Laurie was telling me about a song now called “It won’t be like this for long” that really touched me. You and Brantley will treasure these posts as the years fly by. I am proud that you are taking the time to do this in the midst of your busy life.

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