Brantley: 22 months


We have officially entered a new realm of toddlerhood which consists of you saying a bunch of syllables and us usually having no idea what you’re talking about. Well… I take that back. We can usually figure out at least one word of the few you’re trying to say but other than that it’s a crap-shoot and constant guessing game. We try to just get by with saying “Oh yeah???” and move along to another topic but sometime you are persistent that we figure it out. When we ask and continuously guess wrong, you stare at us as if we’re the crazy ones, but when we finally guess right, you shout “YEAH!!!” as if it’s the greatest moment in the history of the world.

You got to spend some time at Grandma and Pa Joe’s this month when they watched you a couple afternoons while Mommy and Daddy had to work and you LOVED watching (and feeding) the fish in the pond in their backyard. Even when we came to pick you up, you didn’t seem like you were in any hurry to leave.


Shadow is no longer just the family dog, but he’s also your buddy. You give him hugs every night before bed and also before naps, and if you (or we) forget and you get all the way upstairs without a hug you’ll immediately yell “Shadow!!!” and rush to the steps to go back downstairs to hug him. Apparently this is a big deal. And it’s so, so sweet.


Our neighbors have become good friends of ours and their daughter… well… let’s just say she’s easy on the eyes from the perspective of a nearly 2 year-old. Seeing that she already turned 3 earlier this summer, it’s safe to say you have your way with older women.

Every day when we get home, we run across the yard to her house to see if she’s home. Even when she’s not home, you like to play in her front yard and driveway more than you do your own – it’s just more fun.


This is one of my favorite photos of you so far… I just had to add it in this post. It was a normal morning getting dropped off with Nana and Papa for the day. Of course you were in your sleeper because that’s comfy and Mama is all about you being comfy when we can get away with it. Your Uncle Cam had dropped by Nana’s house and Papa took this photo of the three of you. It’s just perfect.


Memories from this month of your life…

  • You are currently obsessed with babies. Every time Zoey comes over, who is only a couple months old now, you want to sit next to her mom and just stare at Zoey. It’s the most precious thing. That is… until Mommy picks her up in which case you get super clingy and try to crawl onto my lap and take back your position as the only baby in my life.
  • Your other obsession is poop and you yell “POOP!” anytime anyone goes to the bathroom.
  • Last year for your birthday you were given a tee-ball set and Daddy found an old Little Tikes basketball hoop that we set it up for you in the front yard… and now you ask for “baseball!” from the moment you wake up until bedtime.
  • Like a true beach kid, you have a few pairs of flip flops but apparently there’s quite a learning curve and you’re still on it – constantly falling and tripping over them.
  • We tried out your balance bike, too but without much luck. Maybe next month.
  • EVERY DAY we play outside. And every day is the best day.


Brantley, you bring so much joy to our lives and I am so lucky to call you mine.


Love you,





  1. I love his enthusiastic “YEAH!” And that is a beautiful pic of the two of you 🙂
    Hadn’t heard about POOP!…Lol!!! What a kid 😀

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