Go faster.

Lately, my life has been telling me to go faster, do more, and get it all done yesterday. But today I stopped. No laundry. No schoolwork. No straightening up. No painting for my etsy shop or prepping for my return to work. Today I just enjoyed being with my baby.

I woke up early to do a test run of my pre-work responsibilities. Apparently another human being is dependent on me, and that means I can’t roll out of bed 10 minutes before I’m supposed to leave for work and eat a waffle on the drive. I was hoping to be able to sneak him out of bed and into the carseat while remaining mostly asleep so that next week I’ll be able to get him to the sitters and they can give him his first bottle of the day. This morning my plan worked fairly well and although I didn’t need to take him anywhere, I figured we would drive down to the beach and whatayaknow? We got there just in time to watch the sunrise.

IMG_0202IMG_0207I strolled him out to the boardwalk and my little boy and I watched the sun rise together. He was probably hungry and fussy and still sleepy but he didn’t show it. He just stayed there in my arms, content as ever, watching that big light raise up over the ocean.

We sat on a bench nearby while I gave him a bottle, watching busy runners getting in their morning workout, old ladies taking their morning walks, and passersby who smiled at the precious little one in my arms. Brantley and me? We just relaxed.

This evening, he got hungry early so I ended up putting him in bed early. He obviously wasn’t ready to go to sleep so I just held him in my arms and rocked him in his nursery rocker. I spent probably 45 minutes in that same spot, watching his eyes scrunch while his smile lit up his face, making noises back and forth to each other,y tears streaming down my face.

In the midst of chaos I am learning to hold my precious child because soon he will not fit in my arms the way he does right now. Soon he will be all grown up and I’ll wonder whatever happened to that little baby I used to know.

So I will imprint this day in my memory.


  1. This made me smile and cry. I am so thankful that God has given you such a beautiful heart, and that you appreciate His blessings and even the littlest things.

  2. Yes hon you do that. Imprint it deeply. One day Brantley may inherit his mother’s writing ability and pen something similar and then you’ll read it and be reminded of this special day and these very special 45 minutes. Take more time like this for the two of you. Please. I love you. Dad. 🙂

  3. *tears* It all happens too fast!

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