Brantley: 3 Months


Another very busy month down in the books. At the end of this month, Mommy had to go back to work (bummer) so we did as much as we could in the time we had left together.

Neptune Festival is “the last hurrah” for those of us living at the oceanfront and even though we may have had to work a little bit around your schedule we still made it out to see a lot of the weekend. On Friday evening we walked down to the boardwalk to see the sandcastles from the Sandsculpting Competition. People come from all over the world to build the most amazing sandcastles and it’s so impressive to see what they create. We let Shadow run a little on the boardwalk fetching his ball then had dinner at Chix… which is soon becoming one of your favorite places (we hope). You have lots of fans over there and you get LOTS of attention from the waitresses. Mr. Popular.

Daddy had signed up to run Neptune’s 8K Run on Saturday morning so I strolled you down to the race in the morning to watch him cross the finish line. We spent the morning talking to friends who were down there for the race and we walked the length of the art show, too. Before heading back to the house, you slept while we watched the Neptune Festival Grand Parade. We still don’t know how you sleep through even the loudest parade passing in front of you but we sure do appreciate it!


Some notable firsts this month:

-You’ve been swatting at your toys while laying on your play gym. You seem to get really excited when you fling your arms at them and they move in response. You’ll lay there for a while just staring up at your toys.

-You are finding your little voice and all the fun things you can do with it, including squealing! It is quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.

-This month you attended your first ODU football game! The people sitting behind us weren’t too thrilled that we brought our baby and insisted that “He has three priorities: eat, sleep, and play… and a football game is not one of them.” To the givers of unsolicited advice which I do NOT care to hear: Brantley ate, played, and slept at the game.

-Also, we went out to the station for our first Sunday dinner! I’ve been going to the station on Sundays for dinner ever since your Daddy and I started dating. It’s our little tradition that everyone said would change when we got engaged, then married, then when we had you. Well, it hasn’t changed yet and you seemed pretty happy to be there so we’ll just keep up the tradition as long as we can.


Brantley, you are one cute kid and you get cuter and cuter by the day.

Happy 3 months, baby boy!




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