15 weeks

IMG_1720This week Virginia Beach had an unexpected snow storm which gave us a few inches of accumulation and just enough ice on the roads to close our CHKD office, giving me a day and a half off of work! Conveniently, Blake was also home from the fire station those two days so he split some firewood and I made some coffee, preparing for a relaxing few days at home with the new puppy.

Despite the fact that we were off of work, we were still up bright and early to let Shadow out and feed him… we don’t take advantage of the fact that he has never wet his crate and we’re not about to push the envelope now and make him wait even longer to go out. So we were up early, let him out, played outside, ate some breakfast, played inside, took a nap, played outside again, and really just enjoyed the day off together! Shadow is learning “sit, lay down, drop it” and commands to retrieve a ball/toy, and bring it back… although he still has his puppy moments.


Lastly, we had another doctor’s appointment this week and all is well! I’ve gained a whopping two pounds. Hence, no baby bump.  My pants are a little tight but I’m still in all my regular jeans. And since I lost 2o pounds last year I still have some pants from the 20-pound heavier me so hopefully I’ll be able to wear those to get me through the cold weather. Although, I must admit the idea of stretchy waistband maternity pants sure does sound nice!


  1. I hadn’t seen this picture yet. I love it and can’t get over how much snow you had while we were on our cruise enjoying 80 degree weather! Sorry to rub it in.

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