This is what happens when your landscaper boyfriends ACTUALLY DOES WORK. I get home from a 10-hour day at CHKD and he has done 6 hours worth of work in the yard.

And he cooked dinner.

These bushes were annoying because (1) they didn’t even match, (2) they looked ridiculous by themselves because everything else in this little wanna-be-flowerbed was either dead or on it’s way out, and (3) they’re ugly. So Blake murdered them, and my backyard feels so much bigger and more open now!


Next, he tackled an area of the yard that he had already done substantial work in a few weeks ago… but it still needed a little attention. This area is on the left side of the house and was home to a large bush-thing, a tree that he trimmed up a few weeks ago, and about 8 tons of unfortunate looking ugly ivy. I pulled out most of the ivy a while ago, but the bush-thing still lived on… So Blake murdered it, too. Β It is his personal mission to grow grass in the front yard so hopefully this current dirt will soon be beautifully green.


Lastly, he went around to the side yard (which resembles a trash dump) a cleaned up the entire area.


4 hours and 18 bags of leaves later…


I’m a lucky girl. πŸ™‚


  1. looks like a week’s worth of work to me….did he have some buddies helping? and more importantly, did he just throw all your trash over the fence to your neighbors yard? πŸ˜‰

    • He did it all by himself because he’s just that awesome. Haha πŸ˜‰ And although it may look like he threw all the trash next door he bagged it up in tons of bags and carried them to the street. My house used to look like the trashy one and now I’m glad at least my side yard looks better than the neighbors.
      Now if I could just get that grass to grow!

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