Bohemian Rhapsody Daddy-Daughter Dance

Some girls think of their daddy-daughter dance at their wedding and look forward to swinging around the dance floor to a sweet song about growing up, being his princess, and butterfly kisses. When I started thinking about having a daddy-daughter dance with my dad my eyes immediately started welling up and the I had instant fears of ruining my wedding reception with ugly crying that would mar every photo from there on out. Seeing that I get the wear-my-emotions-on-my-sleeve trait from my Dad, I knew this was not going to be pretty for either of us. So we came up with another plan.

Fortunately, I come from a family of performers – my dad played in a rock band from the time he was 12 years old and was recruited by Bill Deal and the Rhondels at age 13 to join them on tour. Both of my brothers have been playing music ever since I can remember and I grew up singing and dancing for anyone who would listen. I guess you could say music is our own family tradition, and I knew this would be my ticket out of a red faced, sniffling, boo-hooing daddy-daughter dance.
My dad and I formed our master plan. We would do a karaoke version of a song and make it a family affair by inviting my brothers up to sing and perform it with us. Not only would they be completely surprised at the fact that they were just thrown into a karaoke wedding performance (who does that???), but we also knew we had to choose the most ridiculous, theatrical song we could think of: Bohemian Rhapsody. Other than that, we didn’t plan a thing and somehow ended up with a daddy-daughter dance that included epic air-guitar solos, some very theatrical vocals, and interpretive dance like you’ve never seen. It was just perfect for us.
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