37 Weeks

Albums 133Just a few more weeks until we meet our little man! This week was very productive in the realm of completing the nursery. We finally finished all of the painting in the room and also refinished the furniture. (Well, Blake finished the painting AND the furniture) and even though it was late at night, we just couldn’t wait to set up his crib.

My mom has also been working on custom linens for Brantley’s room including a crib sheet, changing pad cover, and bed skirt. We found the fabric weeks ago but we were waiting to get the rest of the room completed with the furniture in before committing to those fabrics. By the time we got the dresser, nightstand, and crib set up, we knew our fabrics would be perfect in the room so she went right to work and finished everything within 1 or 2 days! I don’t know how she does it, but she made all three items without anything resembling a pattern… she just starts sewing and somehow it works out perfectly.

Albums 134Albums 135Initially we planned to put the changing pad on top of the dresser, but after Blake finished the dresser with a dark wood stained top, we just didn’t have the heart to cover it up with a big changing pad. A few days searching on CraigsList, $30, and a can of paint later, we had a matching Jenny Lind changing table in the room. My aunt bought us turquoise jute baskets and they were a perfect fit for his diapers and wipes. Right now the burlap boxes at the bottom are empty but hey, they looked good and I’m sure we’ll have plenty of baby stuff to store in them before long.

On Saturday morning, my mom, Blake’s mom, and I loaded the van and headed for Williamsburg for a mother-daughter overnight trip. With a mother and mother-in-law who can buy whatever they want and have whatever they need, it’s always hard to come up with good gift ideas for them, so we figured an overnight trip with the three of us girls would be a fun Mother’s Day gift this year. We started the morning at the Merchant’s Square farmer’s market and I was in pregnant heaven! Gluten free baked goods, delicious cheese samples, homemade ice cream bars, and a pickle station… WOAH.

Next, we walked through Colonial Williamsburg and made reservations for dinner at the King Arm’s Tavern. (We didn’t end up actually going back for dinner because we were all so exhausted and not even close to hungry by the time our reservation rolled around.) Lunch was at Dog Street Pub on a recommendation from a friend and it was SOOOO GOOD. Next on the itinerary was the outlet mall!  I mean, when in Rome do as the Romans, right?  And how can you go to Williamsburg and not hit the outlets? Especially with Carter’s, Osh Kosh, and Children’s Place! We did some damage shopping but by 5:00 we were all pretty exhausted and ready to check into our condo.

In looking for a place to stay, I really wanted to find a suite with a living room area because I knew the three of us are all the types to just sit around and talk for hours rather than needing to be entertained the whole weekend. I stumbled upon the Historic Powhatan Resort and could not have been happier!  The condo was about as much as a suite but rather than just one bedroom and a living area with a pull-out couch, we had a two-bedroom two-bathroom condo with a big ktichen, dining table, living room with a fireplace, and an outdoor patio with a table and chairs. Score!

Albums 130

It was so nice to be able to kick up my (very swollen) feet and relax after a long day of walking around, exploring, and shopping.  And just like I thought, we stayed up late talking about the baby, family traditions, and stories about Blake and me growing up. It was a precious time with my mom and mother-in-law and maybe it’ll be a new tradition we keep year after year!

The last picture cracks me up because my body is proportionate but it looks like I have a pillow shoved up under my tank top. 🙂

The finish off the weekend, we went back to the oceanfront to take our 37 weeks photo. We wanted to get the same photo we took at 19 weeks when Shadow was still such a small puppy but the new law about having animals not being allowed on the beach threatened to ruin it. We got up early in the morning hoping to beat any crowds and cops and ran down to the beach for a quick few shots. The lighting was different than our original photo because of the time of day, but you get the point, and it turned out to be a great shot!


30 weeks

Albums 045Happy Mother’s Day to me!  A lot of people (young people mostly, those without kids) have been asking me if I celebrated Mother’s Day this year. Heck yes I did!  I’m already giving up my body for this kid! Just cause he’s not out here for the rest of you to see doesn’t mean he’s not currently taking and using me for all I’m worth. It counts.

Anyway, we spent Mother’s Day with as many mothers as we possibly could.  We started out the morning surprising Blake’s mom at church. She thought Blake was working that day so she was thrilled to see us sitting in their usual spot in the sanctuary. It was amazing to hear Pastor Ernie honor all of the mothers in the congregation from the pulpit and I got to stand up and be honored with them! It was also great to see him again since the last time we saw him he was marrying us just 7 months ago. He was very excited for Brantley’s arrival!

After church, we spent a couple hours hanging out at their house and taking some family photos before they had to head out to their next family gathering.

Next up was a trip to Nanny’s house for lunch and an afternoon with the Houck side of the family. And of course… family photos. 🙂

Nanny, Mom, me, and Brantley… four generations!

Albums 049

Shadow hasn’t yet made total friends with water yet and since it’s been so cold ever since we brought him home we haven’t been able to get in the water anywhere with him. He’s still a little baby when it comes to water, to say the least.

Blake thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get him acclimated to his new best friend. First, he carried him into the pool and held him in the water while Shadow stared at me like “What the heck, Mom. I hate this right now.”

Shadow was clearly not very happy about the whole thing.

Albums 056

Next, Blake tried to see if Shadow would come in on his own and attempted the drowning approach where he would act like he was drowning and see if Shadow came in after him. Usually his “Help Shadow! Help!” technique works well when Blake’s laying on the floor as Shadow will come running to him and do everything he can to get Blake to turn over and tell Shadow he’s ok. Unfortunately, this was not the case in Blake’s drowning experiment. Shadow just ran around the pool from one side to the other, staring back at me in a panic probably wondering why I wasn’t doing anything to help his daddy and why I was just laughing the whole time.

Albums 054

Eventually, we gave up.

After a long day with both side of the family, we headed back home and took a walk down to our favorite little spot in the neighborhood.

Albums 063

I was so happy to have some time together with our little family at the end of the perfect Mother’s Day.

Albums 061



20 Weeks

We had an eventful week!  On Sunday morning we realized that Baby REALLY likes church. Or maybe it’s just the loud music. But either way, Baby usually only moves around in the afternoon and then at night when I’m lounging at home but at church during the worship music Baby was doing somersaults and flipping around like crazy!  Maybe we’ll have another musician in the family. 🙂

On Monday night, we had our 2nd monthly Mommy Monday dinner and this week’s dinner was at Cheesecake Factory! Yum! Blair was coming in from out of town so it was just Tiffany, Heba, and I but we still had a great time and really enjoyed the time together to talk about maternity clothes, where to buy good jeans, gender reveal parties, ultrasounds, and stretch mark cream. Gotta love the conversations of pregger girls. Between the four of us, the baby count is 2 boys and 1 girl… we’ll see what Baby Roberson will be next weekend!


Thursday night we said goodbye to dear friends Shannon and Andy, who have been living nextdoor for the last 2 years and have been dear friends of ours throughout our relationship. Shannon and I met the weekend she first moved in and I was so excited to have a new girlfriend nextdoor!  We became quick friends and when our two groups of friends merged that summer, it was one big estrogen-filled weekend after the next. I have so many great memories with Shannon that summer and the next. We hosted our neighborhood Christmas party together each year, dressed all ridiculous and crawled down Shore Drive during the Tacky Christmas Sweater Bar Crawls every December, and shared many a crush at Waterman’s during the hot summer months. When I walked into their empty house on Thursday night for the party, after their entire house had been packed up and moved away, I immediately started crying. It’s just part of life I guess but still not the easiest part.



On the upside… we had a very productive weekend at the Roberson household. I opened a new etsy shop with items we found in my grandmother’s attic. It’s called AnnieSue Vintage, in honor of my Granny and I’m featuring all the amazing items we found in her house.  She was quite stylish in her day!  You can see my new shop here: AnnieSue Vintage.

We also moved some furniture around. Blake and I have been talking about building a bar with additional storage on the side wall of our dining area and we knew it would be a big job that we would get to some day in the future. Then one day he sat there looking at the piece of furniture we had in our foyer and thought “Why does that have wine bottle storage in it?” and then “Why aren’t we using that as our bar?” So there it was, we moved out the shelving unit that was previously holding our Stock-the-Bar Shower gifts, wine glasses, and other glassware and moved in the buffet table from the foyer to create the new bar. We still want to build shelving to hang over the buffet table to store wine glasses and what not but for now it looks much better and is also much more functional than what we had before. (It also gives me an excuse to look for a new foyer piece! Woohoo!)

Here is the BEFORE picture…




Blake is already making an excuse to use it every night. He LOVES his Coke can storage drawer, bottle openers in the top drawer, mini bottles in the second drawer, bar napkins in another drawer, and a nice cutting board to make his drinks on… so classy. If only we could say the same for that stache. :/


This week we also had Shadow’s second vet appointment and he has doubled his weight from 13 pounds to 26 pounds in the last month. He is officially reaching that point where he is too heavy for me to pick up (according to my pregnancy books, this is another one of those things that can harm the baby but I think this one actually holds some merit.) So we took one last photo with him in my arms before he gains another 50 over the next few months and I can’t even pick up his front paw.


So moving on to baby news… Baby loves kicking around at church and I feel it moving around and doing jumping-jacks every afternoon at work between 2-3pm and then again around 7-8pm. I don’t know what kind of sleep schedule we have going on but the other night Baby was keeping me awake kicking around in there! Go to sleep, Baby! Ain’t nobody got time for that… especially when you’re not even born yet.

It’s strange to feel Baby move around inside my tummy. To this point, that’s the real only “symptom” I’ve had of being pregnant. I was lucky enough to skip over the morning sickness and other than some pretty significant fatigue during the first few months, I haven’t really had any major food cravings or aversions.  Wait… I can’t eat leftover chicken. Don’t ask me why. It tastes like it’s been sitting out for 5 days on the counter in the heat and then someone put it on my plate for lunch the next day. Awful. But other than that, this kicking and flip-flopping is the first time I’ve really “felt” pregnant.

I did have one amazing moment this weekend when I realized that a pair of jeans I wore last winter still fit me!  They’re one size larger than I usually wear (after my gluten-free weight loss) so I was so happy to be able to wear normal jeans for at least one more weekend. The simple pleasures in life.

As for the rest of Baby news, there’s not much to report. We find out if Baby is a boy or a girl next weekend so we’re REALLY looking forward to our gender reveal party and I can’t wait to start shopping!  (Sorry Blake… I’m just being honest.)

I can’t help but arch my back in these pictures so my baby bump actually looks bigger in the photos than it does in real life. But so be it.

Happy 20 weeks to Baby Roberson.


19 weeks

Everyone has been asking me how far along I am and telling me I look great for being halfway through, although you just never know if people are being kind or it they really mean it.  Either way, this week marked my first week of really feeling pregnant. What that really means is…

We officially have a bump!  Baby Roberson finally decided to make its appearance into the outside world. I haven’t failed to notice that this post comes immediately following one in which I quote eating tacos, milkshakes, pizza, Hardees Thickburgers, and an entire box of chocolates… the irony is not lost on me but I’m choosing to believe Baby just went through a growth spurt.

This bump arrival also means that NONE of my jeans or pants will button anymore. I’ve been trying to work with the BellaBand so graciously purchased for my by my aunt (thanks, Laurie!) but I haven’t been very successful yet. Maybe when I’m a little bigger it’ll stay put but right now I just feel like I’m tugging and pulling all day and in the meantime my pants are falling down. #PregnantGirlProblems

This week was a big week for Baby Roberson! With the frequent “How far along are you?” questions, I also get “Have you felt it move yet?” because apparently I’m supposed to have already felt it move. As a first-time mom, you really don’t know what to expect except what you read and what people tell you, which will totally freak you out…

Side note: Pregnancy books will only scare you to death and make you feel like the worst mom in the world when you haven’t even officially become a mom yet. Last week, my book told me that I’m no longer allowed to sleep on my back or else the baby could die. I don’t think it said it so up-front and brash like that but when you start talking about “cutting off blood supply” that’s kind of a big deal and to a girl who is going through all this for the first time, that means if you wake up in the middle of the night and you accidentally rolled over onto your back during the night, PANIC! THE BABY NOW HAS A BRAIN INJURY! Ugh… books.

Anyway, so when the books tell you that you should be feeling your baby move and everyone keeps asking you about it, you start to have that little voice in the back of your head wondering if everything is ok. I knew we had our ultrasound scheduled on Thursday morning but I really didn’t want to go into the ultrasound worried. Well, Baby Roberson wasn’t going to make me wait… I felt Baby move for the first time while I was sitting at my desk at work on Wednesday afternoon. Thank God I slept on my side the night before!

On Thursday morning at the ultrasound, we got to see Baby again and he/she looks so perfect! (Well… from what we can tell). Baby was moving all around, bring it’s hands up to it’s face, stretching it’s legs out and crossing it’s feet. So adorable! We also heard the heartbeat and everything is A-OK. The ultrasound tech could definitely confirm the gender so we had her write it on a piece of paper with an ultrasound picture and put it in an envelope for our gender reveal party in a couple of weeks. No, we don’t know what it is. And that envelope is under lock and key, Blake. No peeking!!!

We’ve been spending a lot of time outside this week because the cold weather finally let up for a few days and we were fortunate enough to have a few hours this weekend to head down to the oceanfront for a long walk. A friend of mine gave me a great idea to take photos of Shadow and me as we both continue growing over the next few months, and since this was the first week you could even see that I was pregnant we decided it would be the perfect time to start our “Shadow and Bump” photos. Unfortunately, trying to get a puppy to stay still is much easier in your living room than at the beach with kids to watch and birds to chase, waves to run away from and sand to dig in. But we did get one perfect shot exactly how we planned it!

Snapshot 2014-02-25 21-12-28

Happy 19 weeks, folks!

16 Weeks

We spent my birthday weekend at our family’s beach house in Corolla, NC. Blake planned the whole weekend with our friends and it was such a perfect weekend at the house. When we arrived, everything was completely covered in snow and we had to dig around the front yard to find the water shut-off access panel so we could turn it back on. Ugh. But then it was smooth sailing after that!

Shadow loved running up and down the deserted beach, chasing his ball, and running away from the waves.


He looks so small on the walkway to the beach but we know we’ll get another shot like this sometime in the future with full-grown Shadow.


In addition to the party planning that Blake did, he also had Mocktail recipes for the preggers girls!  We enjoyed non-alcoholic mojitos called “nojitos” and a delicious orange-lime concoction called the “Orange Lime Relaxer”. Some of the non-pregnant girls even asked for Blake to make one for them! One of my friends Sarah also brought sparkling Chardonnay grape juice so we had our own “wine”. We felt so well taken care of.


The birthday party portion of the night was a “Revenge of the Nerds” theme party and everyone got into their costumes!  We saw oversized black-rimmed classes, suspenders, pigtails, pocket-protectors, and Ashley even wore her retainer!  It was a blast and of course, Blake also made dinner for the whole gang.  Yum!


14 weeks

14 weeks: We got a dog.

We visited the goldendoodle breeder at her home on Sunday evening and met an adorable little cream colored puppy who was available for adoption and he stole our hearts. We played with him for 2 hours asking the breeder TONS of questions and also trying to estimate how crazy we were to be bringing home a puppy 6 months before we bring home a newborn. She gave us the confidence we needed that we really did know more about training, crating, and raising a puppy than we thought we did and realized that this is probably the last time in the next 20 years that we would have 6 whole months to devote only to a puppy. We left her house with an empty wallet but the very happy realization that we would be bringing home a goldendoodle in less than a week. The following week seemed to drag on but we knew we would have Saturday to look forward to when we could finally pick him up and bring him home.

I also had an Emily Weddings retreat weekend to look forward to! There are nine ladies on our team and to organize a retreat where ALL of us can attend is nearly impossible and therefore we have never been able to plan one. So we finally just bit the bullet and planned it.  Unfortunately, a few of us were out of town, others had baby showers and bridal showers, and one came down with the flu just days before the trip… and then there were four.

Even with just the four of us, we still made the trip down to our family beach house in Pine Island. No matter how many girls were able to go, we knew it would be a time of relaxation, rest, and rejuvenation.  (Yeah, I came up with three R words just like that… I should be a writer. hehe)

We had all these plans to complete a few big projects while we were there; however, dinner at a gourmet restaurant, a few bottles of wine, and a new bottle of Patron (thanks to the boss lady) sounded like a much better plan and we didn’t get nearly as much done as we had hoped. Even in spite of our non-productiveness, we were able to spend valuable time together catching up, talking about the local wedding news, and about our upcoming brides. By Saturday morning, no one wanted to leave but unfortunately we had life waiting for us back and home and I had a puppy to pick up!


We decided shortly after meeting him last week that we would name him Shadow, short for Shadowlawn. 🙂

When Blake and I arrived at the breeder’s house out in Blackwater we were greeted by a near empty house (most everyone had already picked up their puppies earlier in the weekend) but we could hear our little guy barking from the basement. He was a little hesitant to get in the car with us as he had probably never ridden in a car before but I held him and he cuddled up to me the whole way home.

When we got home we spent the rest of the night playing with the newest addition to our family, showing him his new toys, teaching him how to play with a ball and chew on his toys (and not our furniture, baskets, clothes, etc.)  He must be the best puppy on earth because he quickly learned what not to chew and would walk right over our phones, computer cords, and anything else we had laying out that he was not supposed to chew on.

Thanks for checking in and keeping up with the weekly Baby Roberson updates. We’ll try to keep them up each week and hopefully I’ll have a bump to show off soon!


13 weeks

13 weeks in and still no baby bump, just an overall weight gain which is not nearly as much fun.

The Bachelor started this week and so did our weekly ritual of watching it with my aunt and cousin over at their house in Croatan. Laurie always has snacks – chips and dip, M&M’s, and more recently chocolate covered strawberries. Yum! We all talk about which girls we like, who we don’t like, and who is going to be “the crazy one”.


This week was a really busy week for Blake and me. After my 11-hour regular work day, I had an Emily Weddings team meeting on Monday night and a bride meeting on Wednesday evening.  Both were awesome (as always) but it does make for a long day. Meanwhile, Blake was doing work at the rental house to prepare it for the new renter to move in at the end of the week so he was over there almost every day. We both spent all day on Friday working at the house, painting a new temporary wall, cleaning the floors, installing quarter-round trim around the baseboards, and Blake must’ve bagged 30 bags of leaves from the front yard. Whew. On Saturday, we did work on our own house and then on Sunday Blake and his dad drove up to Wintergreen for the day for an impromptu ski and snowboard trip while I worked on my new vintage housewares and clothing etsy shop that will feature some of the items we found buried in Granny’s attic and hopefully continue the process of cleaning out that nursery!

Over the weekend, Blake and I started talking again about getting a puppy. We had always said we would look into getting a goldendoodle after the wedding and ever since then we just hadn’t talked about it very much.  We we got to talking about dogs again this weekend and on a whim, I searched for goldendoodle rescue organizations and breeders in the area and boom – found one. Not only did we find a good breeder, but she is a nationally recognized breeder so we knew they had good healthy dogs with excellent care for their puppies. We emailed her to ask how long the wait list was and surprise! She had two puppies who would be available to come home in one week!

So bring on the chewing, nipping, barking, and potty-training.

The Robersons are getting a dog.

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