Barrett: 2 months


Every day, little one, you get bigger and more alert, smiling more often, making more noises, and so000 cuddly! Your brother is absolutely in love with you and wants to lay next to you whenever he gets the chance. People ask us if he’s jealous of you but we don’t think so, he just wants to cuddle.

At some point nearly every day I hold you close to me, pull you in so that I can lay my cheek against your cheek, and tell you that I am here. “Hi baby. It’s your Mama.” I repeat over and over. Sometimes I just cry, so completely in love with you, knowing that this will likely be the last time I hold one of my own children in my arms, so tiny and new. I try to soak up every ounce of our time together. Sometimes your brother gets a little jealous and asks me to put you in the pack-n-play so that we can play together but after he goes to bed, it’s all about you.

Christmas was different with a newborn, but like we always do, we try to roll with the punches and make the best of it. Our family gets together in the evenings and with early bedtimes, we tend to miss some of the fun stuff like presents and even the big meal this year, but we did the play first so you got to be in your very first Christmas nativity play!

Meanwhile, in true toddler fashion, your brother refused to participate in any productive way and walked around banging the shepherd’s cane on the floor and sufficiently distracting everyone from what was actually going on “on stage.” You on the other hand were a perfect Baby Jesus. You pulled off the “sweet sleeping baby” part rather well.

Memories from this month of your life:

  • You’re favorite place is still in my arms, where you fall asleep almost immediately and wake up the second I lay you down.
  • You are beginning to follow my voice across the room as your try to turn your head toward wherever I am.
  • You make us work for smiles but when we finally get one it’s so worth it – your whole face lights up!
  • We had our annual family photos this month and instead of dragging a newborn out into the cold to get a few posed shots, we asked our photographer to come to our house and take some pictures of us in your nursery. This is what our life looks like right now, so it was the perfect place for pictures. You were the perfect little model until we took your diaper off for a couple of shots and you peed all over your crib sheets. Game over.

Tonight, as we were resting on the on the couch, I laid down next to you and tried to “just be” as they say. Breathe and rest and enjoy the moment with my newborn son. Your brother taught me how to love a child and you are certainly reaping the rewards. I know how quickly this time will pass and I’m trying to be very intentional about spending time with you and enjoying this season of life.

Love you,


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