Brantley: 19 Months


We spent a weekend at the beach house to celebrate Mommy’s birthday and invited all of our closest friends who conveniently also have babies your age. You, Brayden, and Alexis are really starting to enjoy playing together (rather than just sitting next to each other chewing on books like last year) so it was fun to see you interact.


And of course we had to recreate this photo:

Overall, it was a great weekend with friends. The parents probably stayed up too late on Friday night only to wake up with you littles the next morning for a full day of toddler play but it was still fun. And somehow we managed to schedule at least one nap time when you were all sleeping at the same time. Two points for the moms!


Things I’ll always remember:

  • We read you a book or two every night before bed and along with pointing out the fireplaces in Goodnight Moon, you also insist that we look at the moons on every page of whatever book we’re reading and you’d be surprised how many moons are in kids books.
  • You have two new friends! Zoey and Brixton were both born this month and although you haven’t seen much of Brixton yet, you are totally infatuated with Zoey. That is, until your Mama picks her up in which case you start to freak out that you’re being replaced and immediately want to crawl in my lap and push her onto the floor. Needless to say, I don’t get to hold her for very long for fear that she might end up with a head injury.
  • You’re a man of details and you’re learning about small body parts and whenever anyone picks you up you have to point out their nose, eyes, and ears and also check if they’re wearing earrings.
  • On our drive to Nana and Papa’s in the morning we apparently hit school bus central because we pass so many buses on the way and you get so excited every time you see one! The whole way there, all I hear is “More bus! More bus!”
  • You and Daddy love to wrestle on the couch. I can only hope that one day it won’t end in a trip to the hospital for a lacerated forehead.
  • Dance parties are still your favorite and you’ve added reggae to the list of musical genres. I can’t say I’m upset about it, it makes for pretty fun mornings around here.
  • You are mildly… ok moderately obsessed with what we call your “business”. See photo below.



You make life fun. Happy 19 months, Brantley.




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