Brantley: 16 Months


Your 16th month of life included many special moments, both joyous and heartbreaking.

IMG_0154.jpgYour beloved PaPa became ill and was hospitalized. He was quickly diagnosed with lung cancer and both he and Nanny, along with your Nana, Aunt Laurie, and Uncle Tim were taking turns staying with him all day and overnight. We also took trips to the hospital to visit as often as we could and I think you really brightened his day.

Last month you really started taking to music and this month you’ve begun showing specific preferences for your favorite styles of music. Right now you’re on a bluegrass kick and you’ll shake your head until we change it to bluegrass.

Your version of hugs and kisses now involves you leaning your head toward our faces for a kiss on the forehead and resting your head on our shoulder for a hug. It’s the sweetest thing.

They say boys love their mamas and you have certainly shown that this month. Whenever I’m holding you and Daddy tries to give me (or us) a hug, you push him away! If you could talk you would probably say, “That’s MY Mommy.” Sorry to break it to you kid, but I was your dad’s before I was yours. Luckily, he can share.

You are still nuts and you love to make us laugh. Not much has changed in that department. With each new day we see a new crazy and ridiculous facial expression that makes us crack up and once you find one that works, you’ll do it over and over again hoping for the same reaction. You’re such a ham.

One of your favorite picture books stays under our coffee table and you love to look through it with Daddy pointing to all the objects you know. Conveniently, a fire truck is on the first page.

Shadow is still your best friend – other than Mommy – and you’ve started trying to say his name! It’s so cute!

Halloween was our big event of the month. You have a perpetual combover so when we were trying to figure out what to do for our Halloween costumes this year, I eventually thought to incorporate his combover and Trump immediately came to mind. Being that he was running for President, it seemed like an obvious choice. So we went for it and we went all out!


After turning your wagon into the campaign mobile with a few decorations, finding  great deal on a toddler suit from Burlington, and setting up your portable highchair in the wagon so you couldn’t wander or fall out, we knew our part of the costumes were next. And what better way to accompany a Presidential candidate than to have his campaign managers along for the ride?


We strolled up to the Back Bay Brewery halloween festival up the street and when we arrived, so many people were pointing him out, trying to take pictures of him or with him, and it seemed like everyone really loved his costume. Someone mentioned that we should enter Brantley in the costume contest. We didn’t even know there was a costume contest but figured we might as well give it a shot. A little while later the contest was called and Brantley WON!


Happy 16 months, Trump.

Love, Your Mama

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