Brantley: 15 Months


First and foremost: you’re nuts. You love to dance and shake your groove thing all day every day and the first thing you do when we bring you downstairs is point at the TV to make sure we turn your music on as soon as possible

You finally said your first word! I was pulling into Nana and Papa’s house to drop you off before going to work and as soon as I opened the door to get you out of your carseat, your eyes lit up and you immediately said, “Papa!” He wins.

You love peas and carrots but your absolute favorite food is still banana. We can’t even say the word “banana” without you flipping out. God forbid one of us wants to actually eat a banana because it’s a hot mess of a tantrum.

Tortilla chips are also a favorite so whenever we’re at Plaza Azteca we have to wait to get our chips until after you eat so you’ll actually EAT your healthy food before gorging yourself on chips. Every kid’s gotta have at least one junk food right? Well, this is yours.


You’re still sleeping over 12 hours a night. Amen!

At our recent doctor’s appointment, you were at the 95th percentile for weight! Big boy!

In the mornings, you wake up and play quietly in your crib until we come to get you. Even when you wake up a little early, we love listening to you sing and talk to yourself… and then we love to be able to fall back asleep for a few extra minutes.

Finally, you’re walking! And that also means we take lots of walks through the neighborhood. We usually end up at Back Bay Brewery. Yep, a baby in a bar. That’s how you roll.IMG_3076You’re starting to sing along with music which makes this musical mama very happy.

When we get you up out of your crib after naps or in the mornings, your new favorite game is to point to all the things in your room: surfboard, baby canvas, lamp, anchor, shoes, bell, ladder, and fire truck.

Although you seem to ignore Shadow as you climb up over him to get on the couch, he has also become a playmate and you play fetch with him frequently throughout the day. Unfortunately, your attempts to throw the ball to him usually result in a ball to the face. Poor Shadow.

Happy 15 months, Bug.


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