Brantley: 8 Months

Hey Bug,

Getting these written on time is a battle I may never win but I love that we’ll still be able to look back years from now and know that at least we got the details down eventually.

For starters, you are the happiest little boy. You very rarely cry and when you do it’s because we’ve just woken you up from a nap and the second we lay you on your changing table you must realize that there’s a pit stop between you and your bottle and you throw a temper tantrum. The Brantley version of a tantrum currently includes crying while spitting and blowing raspberries at us. It’s really intimidating.

This month you discovered your hair and frequently play with it between your fingers while you take a bottle or nurse. You also learned to give high-fives and wave and first gave a wave to a complete stranger at a bar. Yes, we take you to bars occasionally… usually just for dinner but sometimes for drinks, too and you sit up on the bar like you own the place. You always try to dance on the bar and then you beg to stay out past your bedtime but Daddy says no every time. Sorry, bud.

On Valentine’s Day, you and Daddy made me the most special gift. He put your handprints and footprints on a canvas with a hand-painted message that said “I love you from the bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes.” It was definitely the most perfect gift from my two Valentines. 🙂

IMG_1393A few days after Valentine’s Day, Virginia Beach had a big snow storm (for the beach, that is) so we bundled you up in your new snow suit which we knew you would only get to wear once anyway so we might as well use it, and then headed out to play in the snow!

IMG_1035 IMG_1047We tried to redo our family photo from last year’s snow day and it’s safe to say Shadow probably wasn’t too excited about being carried around. Fortunately, we let him run around on the beach afterwards so he got over it.

IMG_1069Daddy was trying to use his Wintergreen season pass as much as possible while the snow was still falling, so we planned a weekend getaway before the season ended. Initially we were looking at a hotel but found a beautiful cabin on VRBO so we invited Mimi and Papa, then drove up to the mountains!

IMG_1121We really enjoyed lounging around the house, eating delicious meals cooked by Daddy (of course) and watching movies with Mimi and Papa while pigging out on junk food. I think your grandparents loved all the cuddle time with you.

IMG_1142On Saturday, we drove around the Charlottesville area and visited a few wineries and breweries… no, you’re not allowed to drink yet. Again, sorry bud. But Mommy and Daddy sure did enjoy ourselves!


As you get older and show a little more of your personality, Shadow is starting to realize that you might have some value as a future playmate. You’ve taken on a new position on the floor of the living room with toys nearby and Shadow is always by your side.


We finished off the month with a visit to the fire station for Sunday dinner. You look pretty darn cute on a firetruck!IMG_1154

Things I never want to forget from your 8th month of life… the sound of your giggles when we take your shirt off and it tickles you under your arms, the way you smile with your eyes behind your bottle while you drink, and your smile shining through between the bars of your crib when we wake you up in the morning.

We love you, baby. Happy 8 months.



  1. That Valentine gift is better than any jewelry!! Good job Dad! Is there anything Blake can’t do?!?

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