Brantley: 7 Months

Oh Brantley, your Mama is always behind on these monthly updates. I wish I could write you a novel with the events of the month and the ways in which you make our daily life so wonderful (and busy!) but let’s be honest… I can barely get these written within the correct month!

So here are the highlights from your 7th month of life…

1. You are a food-eating monster.IMG_0401A few weeks ago, we sat you in your highchair and handed you a banana and a slice of avocado, hoping and praying those natural instincts would kick in and you’d know just what to do. Well, you kinda looked at us like we were crazy, picked up the banana once and after giving it one lick you set it back down again and decided you’d had about enough of that. Needless to say, you didn’t seem too enthused at the time but ever since then you are a food-eating machine! So far you’ve had mango, banana, zucchini, blueberries, eggs, carrots, peas, peanut butter toast, cooked apples, broccoli, cucumber, avocado, and sweet potato. Mimi and Papa are still a little scared to give you table food but they’re coming around.


2. You LOVE the fire station. Mommy’s trips to the station for Sunday Dinner haven’t been quite as consistent as they used to be because now we have a kid… and that adds about 15 steps and an extra hour to just about anything we do. When we do make it to the fire station, Daddy is always so excited to see you walking up to the back garage doors in my arms, flailing your arms and kicking your legs in a spastic excitement only Daddy can get out of you.


And when he has to leave on a call, you always seem mesmerized watching the lights on the truck as they drive away.


3. Our house are ready for a crawling baby! Our hot water heater flooded back in December, so that began the subsequent carpet removal and renovation process that eventually resulted in totally unplanned but gorgeous new hardwood floors. We were thrilled with the final look and also happy to have floors that you can lay on without getting a mouthful of dust and dog hair. That’s kind of a bonus.


4. Your 2015 days at the beach have begun! It was a little chilly, but we had a nice sunny day one weekend so we bundled you up and headed out to the beach to let Shadow run around for a while. I would call his incessant ball-playing-in-the-house issues an obsessive disorder but I think it’s just cabin fever. We’ve all felt a little cooped up lately and it was nice to get out in the sunshine and get a glimpse of summer with you in the carrier.


5. You already have a pretty awesome crew of best buds. Since Daddy’s best friend and Mommy’s best friend both had babies within a few weeks of the day you arrived, you have instant best friends. This year for Mommy’s birthday we did a low key weekend at the beach house (gone are the 80’s dance party and Revenge of the Nerds theme parties… bring on the babes!) We had so much fun letting you three play together. Well, if we’re being honest, you still pretty much ignore one another unless one baby has a toy the other wants, in which case it will get stolen.

The weekend can be summed up in three words: babies, pajamas, and wine. Not a bad mix!


Blair tried to organize reading time but that only resulted in books being eaten and gnawed on by three teething babies.

IMG_0777And of course we had to take the same picture we took last year during the same weekend… last year with non-alcoholic “nojitos” and this year with little ones!



6. You have some crazy mannerisms and habits. When you nurse or take a bottle, you move your left foot back and forth kicking me or the pillow, or just kicking in the air. And you like to stick your fingers in my mouth for me to bite on them, then giggle as if it’s the funniest thing every single time it happens. You also have a tendency to scratch the heck out of our faces when we hold you. That’s really fun.

“Hey mom, come pick me up so I can claw your face.”


You’ve also started to dive bomb across the couch to lunge at toys, pillows, or your favorite – the remote control. Bedtime is now characterized by rolling around in your crib and kicking the side of the crib to make your mobile shake back and forth before finally getting your lovey in just the right spot spread over your face and then finally falling asleep. Oh, and you discovered your manhood. Every time we change your diaper you check it just to make sure it’s still there.

Happy 7 months, crazy kid.

Love, your mama


  1. Love the photo caption!! I think you need to explain “the necklace” in the next blog post! (FYI to all you older parents out there: It’s for teething and the boy never drools!!)

  2. It is so fun to see the monthly happenings in Brantley’s life. He will treasure this when he has kids of his own and forever. I love that you are taking time to write. It is a priceless gift, (and you’re very good at it.)

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