Haters Gonna Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate…

I recently had a new comment posted on Brantley’s 4 month blog post. I was surprised to see this comment because (1) it wasn’t from my mom, aunt, or cousin, and despite 400-600 hits in a day I still believe they’re my only regular readers, and (2) it wasn’t some spam comment telling me to click on their link for “male enhancement”. It was a comment that someone actually spent a few minutes to write after having read my post or possibly a few of my posts. Here’s the comment: Well isn’t be just the most precious baby there ever was… I’m so glad the sun rises and sets on your “little man”. Oh wait! Don’t take too much time reading this because it will take time away that you could be dwelling on your “little man”. I sure hope you raise your “little man” to know that he is the center of the universe and everyone should cater to his every need. Every time you walk through that door, don’t forget to pay attention to your “little man”. Oh, and no need to spend time being naughty anymore since you have your “little man”. Have a merry Christmas with your “little man” while I vomit from your lack of blog content & writing abilities.

This person is a total stranger to me. I haven’t ever met her. I don’t know how she found my blog or why she started reading it in the first place. But dang, she’s got a lot of hate.

But maybe I shouldn’t make such a strong assumption about her current mental status with only this one comment to go off of. Maybe I should give her a break, cut her some slack. I’m sure she’s not just an evil person in general. I’m sure she has friends who she doesn’t speak so unkindly toward, and maybe a boyfriend or husband who gets to see the good in her. So maybe there’s another explanation for this verbal diarrhea of dislike.

My first assumption is that maybe she was just having a rough day and needed to unleash the frustrations and struggles of her own life. While I was having lunch with my brothers and sister-in-law, enjoying Christmas Eve by the fireplace and laughing at old family jokes, she was busy reading the blog posts of strangers. I imagine I was perhaps having the better day of the two of us and it’s possible that having nothing else to do on Christmas Eve but read the blogs of people you’ve never met, it might put anyone in a bad mood. Let’s be honest, hurling insults at a random stranger via the web is much easier than throwing a jug of milk at your husband or slamming your car into the side of your house. Besides, she actually has to deal with the consequences of those actions and here she gets to unleash her fury and never has to see or deal with the backlash. (Heck, who knows… this might be her thing. Maybe this is part of her daily routine walking around insulting random strangers at the coffee shop or while walking through Macy’s. You never know.)

My second assumption, and the more likely possibility, is that she doesn’t have kids. When you carry a child in your own body for 9 months and then finally get to meet him on the day of his birth (or if you have adopted a child and meet them for the first time), your world DOES revolve around that child. Nothing else matters. Yes, I still have a marriage and a full time job. I’m still in graduate school. I still have to attend classes and take exams. I still have responsibilities and obligations, friends and family who I spend time with. But does all of that fall by the wayside when my son is crying and needs his Mommy? You better believe it.

Oh, and every parent believes their baby is the most precious baby there ever was. That’s a given. I guess if you have twins you just have to put them in a playpen and let them fight it out for the title.

While I may not raise him to believe that he is the center of the universe or cater to his every need, I will constantly affirm his gifts and talents and raise him to believe that he can grow up and be successful in anything that he chooses. I will raise him to be an amazing husband and father as his father is for us. I will raise him to know that he is loved dearly by his parents, grandparents, and extended family members, and I will raise him in a way that he can pass on these family values to his own children. Every time you walk through that door, don’t forget to pay attention to your “little man”. 

I will. Every time. I can only hope that someday in your future you have the opportunity to feel the same way about your own child. And hey, at least she wished me a “Merry Christmas.” 🙂

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