Brantley: 5 months


Holy smokes! You’re 5 months old!

We ushered in this new month of your life with a Christmas parade and early Christmas decorating! Around the Roberson household, we celebrate Christmas as early and as long as possible. This year we decorated the house a few weeks before Thanksgiving while Blake was off for a 5-day break so we had extra time to enjoy all the decorations. And let’s be honest, we’re kinda obsessed with Christmas so it’s not like we really needed a reason to do it early.

You seem to LOVE the lights and you are so enthralled with grabbing at the tree branches. Sometimes we forget that everything you see is for the first time so it’s pretty fun to watch you explore even the most common things like a Christmas tree and lights. It’s like you’re walking into Disney World for the first time. Every day.

IMG_9657IMG_9652We also took you to your first Christmas parade! It was an unusually warm season but for whatever reason that day it was REALLY cold so we bundled you up in your Santa onesie and brought a cold weather sleep sack along so you’d be warm during the parade. Unfortunately it was too small so like most of your things, you’ll only wear it once. You were pretty mesmerized by the parade and Daddy had another excuse to wear his ridiculous hat so two points for us!


On Thanksgiving weekend, your uncle Knate came into town from Los Angeles to spend the holiday with family and meet his little nephew for the first time! He pretty much loves you. And I think the feeling is mutual. He came over one evening and went with us to get you out of bed after a nap and was absolutely speechless at what he says was “so real” of a moment. The fact that his little sister is a Mommy and he is an uncle, and he can actually hold you and touch you was probably more than he was ready for. You guys were instant buds and you also have a mutual love for chewing on your clothes.




We spent Thanksgiving with both sides of the family, going over the Grandma and Pa Joe’s house in the morning to watch the parade and eat breakfast, then heading to Nanny and Papa’s for Thanksgiving dinner. Most of our extended family hadn’t yet met you so they were all excited to get their hands on you.


This month, you got to wear a whole new wardrobe! Other than the oh-so-adorable cold weather clothes that are already the cutest things in your closet, we scored a BOAT LOAD of Christmas clothes from the consignment shop so you were decked out head to toe in Christmas gear no matter what time of day. It’s safe to say we had fun keeping you in the Christmas spirit this month.


Some milestones and memories from this month:

At the beginning of the month, you hit the dreaded “4 month sleep regression” that is literally called “the dreaded” when you google it. I won’t go into those details. You cried, I cried, we all cried.

Around the same time, you finally figured out how to put your Wubbanub paci back in your mouth on your own and then practically the next day you decided you didn’t want it anymore. You haven’t taken a paci ever since.

You sat up unassisted for the first time on December 1st. It didn’t last long and you’re still pretty inconsistent with sitting up but you’re getting the hang of it for sure.

You’ve finally stopped crying during baths. Now you make it look like you’re lounging in a hot tub and could sit there all day.


This month you also found your feet! And you love to chew on your toes. I think it’s gross but now that you handle baths a little better at least we know they’re clean.
IMG_9846We might be a little partial but you are the cutest baby. Someone told me a few days ago (in a very sarcastic tone), “Well isn’t he just the most precious baby there ever was…”

IMG_9950Yep. He sure is.

Happy 5 months, Buddy Ro.



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