Brantley: 4 Months

Yes, Brantley is 5 months old and I’m a little behind… bear with me and I’ll catch up soon!

The month of firsts: first road trip, first trip out of the state, and first laugh!

To celebrate our first wedding anniversary, Daddy planned a surprise weekend trip to Wintergreen. Apparently you knew all the secrets but didn’t say a word. Good job. He found a great condo for us to stay in and it had the cutest little nook by the fireplace. I could’ve cuddled with you in that nook all weekend long but Daddy had other plans.


He and I had lots of fun activities planned and you had your very own Mrs. Doubtfire watching you while we were out and about, but every time we walked back through the door we instantly went right back to our little man to cuddle him the rest of the day or evening.


We spent the early mornings watching the sunrise from our mountain view balcony, all bundled up in blankets and hats and whatever I could find to keep you warm… the moments I hope to remember forever. You and me in the quiet of the morning.

Shadow loved running around the grassy ski slopes and it was so nice to be able to walk around the resort in the off season while it was quiet.



The very next weekend we were out of town AGAIN for a wedding in West Virginia! And as always, Daddy didn’t disappoint and found us a VRBO house with 4 bedrooms, a big living room and kitchen, at the end of a quiet street. When we arrived it was already evening time so we settled in for an hour or two before we put you down for bed.


It was our first night there that we heard your FIRST LAUGH! We couldn’t figure out what caused it but we were changing your diaper and all of a sudden you just started laughing! We tried to get you to do it again and of course, hopeless.

I was busy during the day helping your “Aunt Dano” with last minute details and we didn’t get near as much time to just relax and enjoy the views but it was wonderful to be there for the wedding. Unfortunately, you’re kind of a party pooper so we had to leave before the cake. Oh well. It was still nice to be able to get away for the weekend and you did fantastic on both 6 hour drives!

And you looked REAL cute in your wedding outfit. 🙂


Oh, and I can’t forget…  you met two of your West Virginia cousins this weekend! We met Clint and Andrea for breakfast on our way out of town on Saturday morning and they were the first and only of our extended family to have met Brantley since we missed the big family reunion in August.

Other milestones and firsts:

Loud noises now scare you and when we yell at Shadow you start crying.

Pulling hair! Somehow you always get your hands caught in the tiniest strands of my hair and yank so hard!

You LOVE Shadow. I guess you finally realized there’s a big furry monster in our house and you love watching him. Doesn’t sound so entertaining to me but apparently he’s fascinating to you.

Also, you’ve figured out that whole hand-to-mouth thing so EVERYTHING you can reach goes into your mouth. You love chewing on your hands, our fingers, and all of your toys.

Happy 4 months, Bug.



  1. Well isn’t be just the most precious baby there ever was… I’m so glad the sun rises and sets on your “little man”. Oh wait! Don’t take too much time reading this because it will take time away that you could be dwelling on your “little man”. I sure hope you raise your “little man” to know that he is the center of the universe and everyone should cater to his every need. Every time you walk through that door, don’t forget to pay attention to your “little man”. Oh, and no need to spend time being naughty anymore since you have your “little man”. Have a merry Christmas with your “little man” while I vomit from your lack of blog content & writing abilities.

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