33 weeks

Albums 083Hey Brantley. Thanks for the carpal tunnel. This week I started to feel the very first not-so-pleasant side effects of pregnancy… swelling in my feet, fingers, hands, and wrists resulting in wedding rings that I could barely get off in time and carpal tunnel in both wrists. To top it all off, these braces that I ordered from Amazon put pressure on the nerve in my thumbs so I had to return them and just deal with the carpal tunnel pain. (I’m 37 weeks now writing this post and my thumbs still do a weird clicking thing in the mornings!)  Not to mention, none of my shoes fit anymore so I’m down to clogs and a pair of black slip-ons that offer absolutely no support for my jacked up Miserable Malalignment Syndrome which causes my long-term knee problems.

But I’ll be honest. While I may rant and complain about all of this on my blog, when people ask me how I’m doing I always still say that I’m doing great. I made it all the way to 33 weeks without a single complaint and the aches and pains I have now are still minor in comparison to the complications many women experience from Day One. So I’ll stop the complaining now. 🙂

Also this week, we completed the biggest portion of “The Purge.” I kept my promise and although I didn’t quite make it through every single box, drawer, and cabinet, we did end up with an entire TRUCK LOAD OF CRAP to get rid of. I say crap, but it wasn’t really. There were a lot of nice clothes and home decor stuff that we got rid of but looking around our very full foyer that was filled with all our donations I had a very freeing yet still very cumbersome feeling wondering why I had been holding onto all this stuff. I’m sure there’s still plenty more to get rid of, but at least we made a HUGE dent. In the meantime, we also made room for Brantley’s nursery and downsized the amount of stuff that will now live in our home office. Good feeling!

This weekend was the Patriotic Festival down at the oceanfront and I got to see The Band Perry with a friend on Friday night, then on Saturday we had a cookout with neighbors and rode down to the beach to see Jake Owen. And boy did we have good seats!  Blake’s dad moved into a condo right on 5th Street so we watched the whole show from his deck!

Albums 084

Albums 099We took our 33 weeks photo in honor of our new favorite recipe. Well, I can’t say it’s a recipe necessarily as it’s really just chips and food on a plate but it’s better than anything I could ever cook so I’m calling it whatever I want. Daddy made grill nachos this week, which has quickly and immediately become one of our favorite dishes. He’s the best.





  1. You look like you are “in training”, luckily it’s almost over 🙂

  2. DeQuervain’s is very common in mother’s due to the pressure placed on the radial nerve when lifting children using webspace with hands partially supinated. All I’m saying is: Protect those wrists, girlfriend! And utilize your therapeutic resources for relief strategies. 🙂

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