32 weeks

Busy, busy week in the life of Brantley Thomas! First, he accompanied me to a baby shower to celebrate the coming arrival of his first girlfriend, Alexis. (Ok, maybe not. I know Alexis’ mom is NOT going to allow her to date our crazy kid til he’s at least 20. And that’s ok.)

I was sick on the day of Blair’s shower hosted by friends so I hopped on the “family friends” shower… which ended up being all of her mom’s friends who’ve known Blair for years. You’ll never meet another group of ladies like this one (except for my own mom’s friends, of course). They’re loud and LOVE to laugh! It was a fun shower, that’s for sure. We also love to take bump photos together whenever we get the chance.

IMG_7383This week, Blake also started the process of refinishing Brantley’s nursery furniture.  The set was originally in our beach house and when we updated the house back in 2002, I got the dresser and nightstands for my college apartment. After graduation, I moved back home and they went into my parents’ attic, where they’ve been collecting dust for nearly 10 years. My dad was cleaning out the attic a few months ago and Blake was helping him move some of the bigger items and realized “Hey! We could use this!” So began the process of moving it to our house and into the shed and Blake’s lengthy job of refinishing the pieces to go with our nursery theme.

We both loved the look of white painted furniture with a dark-stained top, so Blake went to work on our dull and dingy pieces and I just LOVE how it looks so far!

Albums Albums 076Hanging out at the end of our street has become almost a nightly ritual. Shadow loves playing and running around in the empty lot that overlooks the water and our neighbors have a golden lab who is just a few weeks older than Shadow, so they’ve become playmates. They play for hours to the point of exhaustion running, jumping, tackling, and chasing each other around the lot. As soon as we walk to the end of our block, Shadow immediately starts turning the corner to go see Hattie. And if we get down there and she’s not outside or the family is out of town, he whines and whimpers staring at her house.

So Friday night, we walked down to the empty lot and hung out for a few hours with the neighbors while letting the dogs play. One thing turned into another and we ended up there until 10:00 at night eating pizza and making Oreo s’mores (life-changing!) around their fire pit. It was the perfect little block party… one of the many reasons we love living in Shadowlawn.

Albums 081Albums 080

Over Memorial Day weekend, I helped a friend run her booth at the Pungo Strawberry Festival. Surprisingly enough I didn’t stuff my face full of chocolate-covered strawberries although Brantley REALLY wanted them. We were just so busy that I didn’t even have a chance! The weekend ended with a Memorial Day pool party at Nanny and Papa’s house. Blake was working (womp womp) so Mom took my 32 weeks photo. Not a great photo of me… it was hot, my feet are starting to swell, and I just wasn’t feeling photo-ready. I’ve also decided that maxi skirts and dresses are just not that flattering to pregnant women.


Albums 082



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