30 weeks

Albums 045Happy Mother’s Day to me!  A lot of people (young people mostly, those without kids) have been asking me if I celebrated Mother’s Day this year. Heck yes I did!  I’m already giving up my body for this kid! Just cause he’s not out here for the rest of you to see doesn’t mean he’s not currently taking and using me for all I’m worth. It counts.

Anyway, we spent Mother’s Day with as many mothers as we possibly could.  We started out the morning surprising Blake’s mom at church. She thought Blake was working that day so she was thrilled to see us sitting in their usual spot in the sanctuary. It was amazing to hear Pastor Ernie honor all of the mothers in the congregation from the pulpit and I got to stand up and be honored with them! It was also great to see him again since the last time we saw him he was marrying us just 7 months ago. He was very excited for Brantley’s arrival!

After church, we spent a couple hours hanging out at their house and taking some family photos before they had to head out to their next family gathering.

Next up was a trip to Nanny’s house for lunch and an afternoon with the Houck side of the family. And of course… family photos. 🙂

Nanny, Mom, me, and Brantley… four generations!

Albums 049

Shadow hasn’t yet made total friends with water yet and since it’s been so cold ever since we brought him home we haven’t been able to get in the water anywhere with him. He’s still a little baby when it comes to water, to say the least.

Blake thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get him acclimated to his new best friend. First, he carried him into the pool and held him in the water while Shadow stared at me like “What the heck, Mom. I hate this right now.”

Shadow was clearly not very happy about the whole thing.

Albums 056

Next, Blake tried to see if Shadow would come in on his own and attempted the drowning approach where he would act like he was drowning and see if Shadow came in after him. Usually his “Help Shadow! Help!” technique works well when Blake’s laying on the floor as Shadow will come running to him and do everything he can to get Blake to turn over and tell Shadow he’s ok. Unfortunately, this was not the case in Blake’s drowning experiment. Shadow just ran around the pool from one side to the other, staring back at me in a panic probably wondering why I wasn’t doing anything to help his daddy and why I was just laughing the whole time.

Albums 054

Eventually, we gave up.

After a long day with both side of the family, we headed back home and took a walk down to our favorite little spot in the neighborhood.

Albums 063

I was so happy to have some time together with our little family at the end of the perfect Mother’s Day.

Albums 061



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