29 weeks

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This week we (really just Blake) planted our garden!  I’ll admit, he did all the digging, tilling, plowing, and whatever else you have to do to the dirt before it’s ready for plants. I came in like a night in shining armor and realistically, I probably only planted 3 tomato plants and a couple of cucumbers. But hey, I was still being very productive inside PURGING! And let’s not forget how much of that I have to do. A LOT.

Albums 038I was also very excited to be able to use my chalkboard garden stakes which I have held onto (AKA: hoarded) for a couple of years thinking “Oh, someday I’ll have a cute little garden and label all my vegetables and herbs with these adorable garden stakes!”  Well, we had a garden last year but I totally forgot that I even had these (hoarder problems) so when I was going through the upstairs office closet and found the box, I was thrilled to finally be able to use them and not have to purge them! Two points for Meghan. Are they really necessary? No. Will they probably wash away in the sprinkler and in the rain? Yes. Are they cute and totally worth it? Duh.

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So Blake did most of the work, and I made garden stakes. And now we’ll have veggies all summer long. It’s all about teamwork, people.

I also did a LOT of purging this week but you’ll get that update soon!


  1. You are cracking me up with your Hoarder comments! And for the record, from one hoarder to another, I absolutely LOVe your garden stakes!! They say “market” to me. SO jealous of the big garden…#stillhaven’tplantedmycilantroandbasilinmypots

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