26 Weeks

Baby Brantley, You kick me like crazy! ALL THE TIME. You are unrelenting.

I feel like sometimes you’re practicing for the World Cup or something, you’re moving around and kicking my tummy so hard you can now see the movement through my clothes.  Blake and I were sitting on the couch last night and you kept kicking me in one place specifically and sure enough you can see my stomach bounce out and back in again every time you move. It’s the craziest thing to know that there is another human life inside of my body. People probably say all the time it’s so special, “spiritual,” an “unreal experience” but let’s be honest. It’s just weird!

Let me put it this way: there is a living being inside my body that is feeding off of me and growing larger and larger by the day taking over all available space and shoving my vital organs into my rib cage. I think some cultures call that a parasite. But we call it pregnancy.

I’ve been saying this since Day One and I’ll say it again, pregnancy is the most unnatural natural thing in the universe. But I will also add that we are blessed to even have the opportunity to grow another human and I won’t complain anymore… at least not until next week’s post.


This week we had our second round of Mommy dinners but this time invited the guys to come along! Unfortunately, Blair and Ty (due 5 weeks before me) were taking their hospital prep class that night so they couldn’t join us, but we’re determined to get all four of us girls together soon!  We met on a beautiful Friday night with perfect weather for an outdoor restaurant, and after driving by Rudee’s we quickly realized that everyone had the same idea. Surprise, surprise, we ended up at Chix. 🙂



  1. My favorite quote “It’s just weird!”
    Totally agree…and did you ever think your stomach could ROLL like that and you NOT feel nauseated?!?

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