23 weeks


23 weeks… the week I finally bought maternity clothes!

Well, let me fix that. This week I finally made the trek to all the maternity stores to find clothes that fit me: Motherhood Maternity, Modern Maternity, Rock-A-Bye Baby, etc. I had purchased some maternity tops and a couple dresses a week or two ago at Target but I was still trying to get by in the one pair of jeans and one pair of black pants that I could still fit in… rather unsuccessfully.

So my preggers friend Heba, who is due just a few weeks after me, and I made a day trip to Williamsburg to scour the racks of Motherhood Maternity and scored some great finds! I bought two pairs of jeans, two pairs of shorts, a really cute bathing suit for our trip to Dominican Republic, a new maxi skirt (like a really need another one of those but it was so cute!) and a pair of mint pants that Heba was wearing the morning we went shopping and I was set on getting myself a pair.

Snapshot 2014-04-06 16-04-13

I’ve also decided that maternity pants/shorts are THE MOST COMFORTABLE THINGS ON THE PLANET.  Who knew that you had the option of elastic waistband jeans, pants, and shorts?  The fact that the elastic stretches all the way up my tummy may take a little getting used to but with a figure like mine (smaller size waist and enough butt for two people) I’ve spent years pulling and tugging at jeans that have never fit me right, and these are amazing!!! $300 later I feel totally justified in spending money for pants that actually fit me for the first time, as pathetic as that may be.

I’ve already given Blake fair warning that he’s going to have a hard time getting me out of maternity pants post-baby. 🙂

This week is also the week of baby hiccups and frequent kicking … oh, and he happens to be sitting right on my bladder. It is the strangest thing to have another human in your body that moves around and has normal bodily functions like hiccups, which little Baby Boy gets on a daily basis. It’s also quite inconvenient that every time he stretches out his little feet to make some more room for himself, he kicks down right on my bladder and I suddenly feel like if I don’t run to the bathroom at that exact moment we’re going to have a serious problem on our hands… before leaving for our shopping trip to Williamsburg baby forced me into the bathroom 4 times in 45 minutes.

This is ridiculous, Baby! Get off my bladder!


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