Living at the Oceanfront

Living at the oceanfront has its advantages. For starters, we can walk to the beach, enjoy the free live music, and “get away” any time we want. We also have the fortunate opportunity to explore the variety of restaurants that the tourist-based area has to offer. What this actually means is that We. Never. Leave.

We had plans this evening to go to dinner with friends and meet them halfway (they live in Norfolk) and a few minutes prior to us leaving the house, she texted me and asked if we could meet in Hilltop instead. My immediate response was “Heck yes. The closer we stay to our homeland the better” as I hear Blake sigh across the room. We were talking about how we never want to leave our neighborhood now much less have to drive 5+ minutes to go to dinner and he says…

“Is it bad that I actually get anxiety when someone wants to go to Town Center?”

He was meant to live at the oceanfront.

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