22 weeks

Brrrrr!!! We spent the weekend in snowy cold Snowshoe, West Virginia! Blake was so excited to get a weekend of snowboarding and when people asked me what I was going to do, I wondered how on earth they didn’t get it. 3 days. In a cabin. With my dog. In front of the fireplace. Sipping hot cocoa. Reading a book. What’s not to love???  Not only that but Snowshoe has an adorable little town area with shopping, restaurants, and a Starbucks. What more do you need?

We packed up our suitcases and the dog and headed for the mountains with a friend of mine and her son. Conveniently, her son is learning to snowboard and Danielle isn’t much of a skier so I knew I would have a friend to hang with back at the cabin. Shadow was so cute on the drive up, he doesn’t mind riding in the car with us when we’re in Blake’s truck because he can lay down between us with his head in one of our laps but when he’s in my SUV he’s constantly back and forth between the back seat and the front center console.


It’s like he just wants to be as close to us as possible, even if that means sitting in my lap in the passenger seat or trying to crawl on Daddy (which I prohibit because let’s be honest, that’s just slightly a distraction to him while he’s driving).

IMG_7673Is he not just the cutest?  We certainly think so. 🙂

Blake did his research and found us a great cabin that we rented through VRBO so we got it for a great deal and it was within walking distance to everything. We packed most of our groceries for the weekend but Preggers needed some ice cream and Blake made a special request for Chips Ahoy so we did end up making a few trips to the grocery store which was just a short walk down the street. Danielle and I also took puppy on a walk each afternoon in between lounging on the couch and taking a late afternoon nap. It was the best.

We also took daily walks to the little town area where all the restaurants and shops are. We had Shadow with us so we tested out his puppy-ness and tied up his leash to a post just outside of Starbucks. I wasn’t so sure how he’d do out there by himself but  when Baby wants a decaf hazelnut machiatto, mommy’s gotta get him one so I tied up Shadow’s leash, told him to stay and slowly walked into the store while checking back to look at him every 5 or 6 seconds to make sure he wasn’t biting, jumping, or getting stolen. Not surprisingly, he immediately made friends with every person that walked by and when they walked away he just laid there and waited for me.


He also loved our cabin just as much as we did. He had his own little play area on the deck where Blake shoveled out an area of snow so he could play with his ball without it falling through the cracks of the deck and down to the first floor. He was also thrilled to have snow to play in again as it is apparently his favorite thing to roll in, play in, and eat.

The rest of our cabin was just perfect. Of course, why should I be surprised. Blake does his research. The cabin had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a great big living room with a large kitchen where Blake cooked our meals. It was the perfect place for morning coffee by the fire, afternoon naps, and long movies.

Danielle and I are also working on a project for the Strawberry Festival this year. She always works at the festival as a food vendor selling fresh-dipped chocolate covered strawberries and I had offered to help her with it. But we wanted to add another food item to her tent so we spent one afternoon researching and brainstorming  different ideas for the festival. Which just made me hungry, so we went back to the store.

On our last night there, we did some shopping and ate at a delicious restaurant. We also took our 22 week photo!


Unfortunately, just a millisecond after Blake took this photo, a huge gust of wind came through and knocked our beloved frame right to the ground, smashing the glass into a million pieces and breaking the frame in two.

Fix-It Man Blake to the rescue.

In the meantime, happy 22 weeks!










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