20 Weeks

We had an eventful week!  On Sunday morning we realized that Baby REALLY likes church. Or maybe it’s just the loud music. But either way, Baby usually only moves around in the afternoon and then at night when I’m lounging at home but at church during the worship music Baby was doing somersaults and flipping around like crazy!  Maybe we’ll have another musician in the family. 🙂

On Monday night, we had our 2nd monthly Mommy Monday dinner and this week’s dinner was at Cheesecake Factory! Yum! Blair was coming in from out of town so it was just Tiffany, Heba, and I but we still had a great time and really enjoyed the time together to talk about maternity clothes, where to buy good jeans, gender reveal parties, ultrasounds, and stretch mark cream. Gotta love the conversations of pregger girls. Between the four of us, the baby count is 2 boys and 1 girl… we’ll see what Baby Roberson will be next weekend!


Thursday night we said goodbye to dear friends Shannon and Andy, who have been living nextdoor for the last 2 years and have been dear friends of ours throughout our relationship. Shannon and I met the weekend she first moved in and I was so excited to have a new girlfriend nextdoor!  We became quick friends and when our two groups of friends merged that summer, it was one big estrogen-filled weekend after the next. I have so many great memories with Shannon that summer and the next. We hosted our neighborhood Christmas party together each year, dressed all ridiculous and crawled down Shore Drive during the Tacky Christmas Sweater Bar Crawls every December, and shared many a crush at Waterman’s during the hot summer months. When I walked into their empty house on Thursday night for the party, after their entire house had been packed up and moved away, I immediately started crying. It’s just part of life I guess but still not the easiest part.



On the upside… we had a very productive weekend at the Roberson household. I opened a new etsy shop with items we found in my grandmother’s attic. It’s called AnnieSue Vintage, in honor of my Granny and I’m featuring all the amazing items we found in her house.  She was quite stylish in her day!  You can see my new shop here: AnnieSue Vintage.

We also moved some furniture around. Blake and I have been talking about building a bar with additional storage on the side wall of our dining area and we knew it would be a big job that we would get to some day in the future. Then one day he sat there looking at the piece of furniture we had in our foyer and thought “Why does that have wine bottle storage in it?” and then “Why aren’t we using that as our bar?” So there it was, we moved out the shelving unit that was previously holding our Stock-the-Bar Shower gifts, wine glasses, and other glassware and moved in the buffet table from the foyer to create the new bar. We still want to build shelving to hang over the buffet table to store wine glasses and what not but for now it looks much better and is also much more functional than what we had before. (It also gives me an excuse to look for a new foyer piece! Woohoo!)

Here is the BEFORE picture…




Blake is already making an excuse to use it every night. He LOVES his Coke can storage drawer, bottle openers in the top drawer, mini bottles in the second drawer, bar napkins in another drawer, and a nice cutting board to make his drinks on… so classy. If only we could say the same for that stache. :/


This week we also had Shadow’s second vet appointment and he has doubled his weight from 13 pounds to 26 pounds in the last month. He is officially reaching that point where he is too heavy for me to pick up (according to my pregnancy books, this is another one of those things that can harm the baby but I think this one actually holds some merit.) So we took one last photo with him in my arms before he gains another 50 over the next few months and I can’t even pick up his front paw.


So moving on to baby news… Baby loves kicking around at church and I feel it moving around and doing jumping-jacks every afternoon at work between 2-3pm and then again around 7-8pm. I don’t know what kind of sleep schedule we have going on but the other night Baby was keeping me awake kicking around in there! Go to sleep, Baby! Ain’t nobody got time for that… especially when you’re not even born yet.

It’s strange to feel Baby move around inside my tummy. To this point, that’s the real only “symptom” I’ve had of being pregnant. I was lucky enough to skip over the morning sickness and other than some pretty significant fatigue during the first few months, I haven’t really had any major food cravings or aversions.  Wait… I can’t eat leftover chicken. Don’t ask me why. It tastes like it’s been sitting out for 5 days on the counter in the heat and then someone put it on my plate for lunch the next day. Awful. But other than that, this kicking and flip-flopping is the first time I’ve really “felt” pregnant.

I did have one amazing moment this weekend when I realized that a pair of jeans I wore last winter still fit me!  They’re one size larger than I usually wear (after my gluten-free weight loss) so I was so happy to be able to wear normal jeans for at least one more weekend. The simple pleasures in life.

As for the rest of Baby news, there’s not much to report. We find out if Baby is a boy or a girl next weekend so we’re REALLY looking forward to our gender reveal party and I can’t wait to start shopping!  (Sorry Blake… I’m just being honest.)

I can’t help but arch my back in these pictures so my baby bump actually looks bigger in the photos than it does in real life. But so be it.

Happy 20 weeks to Baby Roberson.



  1. Lookin good Meg! And I want to buy Granny’s tropical scarf with the coral in it! Save it for me and I’ll get it at the PaRtY!!!

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