19 weeks

Everyone has been asking me how far along I am and telling me I look great for being halfway through, although you just never know if people are being kind or it they really mean it.  Either way, this week marked my first week of really feeling pregnant. What that really means is…

We officially have a bump!  Baby Roberson finally decided to make its appearance into the outside world. I haven’t failed to notice that this post comes immediately following one in which I quote eating tacos, milkshakes, pizza, Hardees Thickburgers, and an entire box of chocolates… the irony is not lost on me but I’m choosing to believe Baby just went through a growth spurt.

This bump arrival also means that NONE of my jeans or pants will button anymore. I’ve been trying to work with the BellaBand so graciously purchased for my by my aunt (thanks, Laurie!) but I haven’t been very successful yet. Maybe when I’m a little bigger it’ll stay put but right now I just feel like I’m tugging and pulling all day and in the meantime my pants are falling down. #PregnantGirlProblems

This week was a big week for Baby Roberson! With the frequent “How far along are you?” questions, I also get “Have you felt it move yet?” because apparently I’m supposed to have already felt it move. As a first-time mom, you really don’t know what to expect except what you read and what people tell you, which will totally freak you out…

Side note: Pregnancy books will only scare you to death and make you feel like the worst mom in the world when you haven’t even officially become a mom yet. Last week, my book told me that I’m no longer allowed to sleep on my back or else the baby could die. I don’t think it said it so up-front and brash like that but when you start talking about “cutting off blood supply” that’s kind of a big deal and to a girl who is going through all this for the first time, that means if you wake up in the middle of the night and you accidentally rolled over onto your back during the night, PANIC! THE BABY NOW HAS A BRAIN INJURY! Ugh… books.

Anyway, so when the books tell you that you should be feeling your baby move and everyone keeps asking you about it, you start to have that little voice in the back of your head wondering if everything is ok. I knew we had our ultrasound scheduled on Thursday morning but I really didn’t want to go into the ultrasound worried. Well, Baby Roberson wasn’t going to make me wait… I felt Baby move for the first time while I was sitting at my desk at work on Wednesday afternoon. Thank God I slept on my side the night before!

On Thursday morning at the ultrasound, we got to see Baby again and he/she looks so perfect! (Well… from what we can tell). Baby was moving all around, bring it’s hands up to it’s face, stretching it’s legs out and crossing it’s feet. So adorable! We also heard the heartbeat and everything is A-OK. The ultrasound tech could definitely confirm the gender so we had her write it on a piece of paper with an ultrasound picture and put it in an envelope for our gender reveal party in a couple of weeks. No, we don’t know what it is. And that envelope is under lock and key, Blake. No peeking!!!

We’ve been spending a lot of time outside this week because the cold weather finally let up for a few days and we were fortunate enough to have a few hours this weekend to head down to the oceanfront for a long walk. A friend of mine gave me a great idea to take photos of Shadow and me as we both continue growing over the next few months, and since this was the first week you could even see that I was pregnant we decided it would be the perfect time to start our “Shadow and Bump” photos. Unfortunately, trying to get a puppy to stay still is much easier in your living room than at the beach with kids to watch and birds to chase, waves to run away from and sand to dig in. But we did get one perfect shot exactly how we planned it!

Snapshot 2014-02-25 21-12-28

Happy 19 weeks, folks!


  1. Yeah, stop reading the books. And if you MUST read them, definitely don’t go back and read all the stuff you shouldn’t have been doing in the weeks prior to finding out you were pregnant.

    Also, love the Shadow and Bump idea. 🙂

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