17 Weeks

Dear Baby Roberson,

We have totally neglected you this week.

I have been playing catch-up at work after last week’s snow and then with a few more days of snow and closings, I am just slammed at work. Usually we have a max of 3 evaluations in a week and this week I had 10!  In addition to that, I was the lead coordinator for a really heavily involved wedding this weekend. The bride and groom had spent so much time collecting, buying, and making items for their wedding and we wanted to make sure every detail was just right, but that also meant that all extra brain power leftover after my 50-hour work week went to wedding plans.

We didn’t even take our “17-week” photo. But I did get a lot of really beautiful photos of the wedding!



We had a LOT of set up to do the day-of and it took our team 5 hours to get it all perfect, not to mention we were still setting up reception stuff during cocktail hour and finishing off the photobooth pieces while the guests ate dinner. Whew!


Somehow, at the end of the day it all came together and it was BEAUTIFUL!


The bride, groom, and family were all happy and that’s all we can ask for. Now it’s time to sleep.

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