13 weeks

13 weeks in and still no baby bump, just an overall weight gain which is not nearly as much fun.

The Bachelor started this week and so did our weekly ritual of watching it with my aunt and cousin over at their house in Croatan. Laurie always has snacks – chips and dip, M&M’s, and more recently chocolate covered strawberries. Yum! We all talk about which girls we like, who we don’t like, and who is going to be “the crazy one”.


This week was a really busy week for Blake and me. After my 11-hour regular work day, I had an Emily Weddings team meeting on Monday night and a bride meeting on Wednesday evening.  Both were awesome (as always) but it does make for a long day. Meanwhile, Blake was doing work at the rental house to prepare it for the new renter to move in at the end of the week so he was over there almost every day. We both spent all day on Friday working at the house, painting a new temporary wall, cleaning the floors, installing quarter-round trim around the baseboards, and Blake must’ve bagged 30 bags of leaves from the front yard. Whew. On Saturday, we did work on our own house and then on Sunday Blake and his dad drove up to Wintergreen for the day for an impromptu ski and snowboard trip while I worked on my new vintage housewares and clothing etsy shop that will feature some of the items we found buried in Granny’s attic and hopefully continue the process of cleaning out that nursery!

Over the weekend, Blake and I started talking again about getting a puppy. We had always said we would look into getting a goldendoodle after the wedding and ever since then we just hadn’t talked about it very much.  We we got to talking about dogs again this weekend and on a whim, I searched for goldendoodle rescue organizations and breeders in the area and boom – found one. Not only did we find a good breeder, but she is a nationally recognized breeder so we knew they had good healthy dogs with excellent care for their puppies. We emailed her to ask how long the wait list was and surprise! She had two puppies who would be available to come home in one week!

So bring on the chewing, nipping, barking, and potty-training.

The Robersons are getting a dog.


  1. ah, i miss watching the bachelor with yall!!! enjoy the snacks for me- I’ll probably be eating cereal for dinner soooo yep!

    ps i love the robersons

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