12 weeks

12 weeks down and still behind on the updates… I’m actually 14 weeks now!  I’ll get caught up eventually.

So here it goes… we celebrated New Years with good friends and fellow firefighters at Lawrence and Adrienne’s house. Adrienne was the one who took our engagement photos at the beach house when Blake asked me to be his wife! 🙂 So it was fun to celebrate with them again. I had a hard time finding a dress to wear because nothing looked right, so frustrating. But I guess it begins now. I might as well get used to it.

new years 2

We also tackled the office.  Well, I should say we tackled the storage room. And by “we” I mean me and my mom. I would never ask Blake to take on this job and I wasn’t even going to ask my mom except she had been offering to help with house projects for weeks and I finally said ok… if she only knew what she was getting herself into. She showed up one day while Blake was at the station and we got to work.

The room that will eventually become Baby Roberson’s nursery used to be a semi-organized office including two chairs and an ottoman (they’re under all that crap somewhere), a desk that is covered with important papers that should probably be stored away in a fireproof safe, and my bookshelf that is actually the only organized thing in the whole room. We also had an empty dresser in there… yes, it was empty. I’m not sure why we still have it or why we hadn’t thought to fill it up with some of that stuff that’s taking over the house, but it has just always been empty.

Here is the official “12 weeks photo” of the soon-to-be nursery:


Dear Baby, Your bedroom is a disaster zone. You may have to sleep in a dresser drawer for a few months until we can find the floor of your nursery.


I’m surprised Blake hasn’t staged an intervention!

So… my mom and I spent HOURS cleaning and organizing (or donating) everything you see, packing it away nicely in the closets. It sure doesn’t look like this anymore, I can tell you that much. And I can’t wait to show you the finished product when it starts to look like a nursery!


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