Life happens

I had brunch with my girlfriends this morning to celebrate Shannon’s 28th birthday and it amazed me to look around and see how things have changed. This is the group of girls who became my world, my lifeline, and my saving grace during the most difficult months of my life. The majority of us were all single at the time and we spent endless weekends out at the oceanfront, sharing crab dip at Waterman’s, staying out too late after concerts on the beach, and drinking mimosas the next morning over sleepy stories of the night before. We did 80’s concerts, Christmas parties, beach house weekends, and a long overdue girls trip to Las Vegas.

Over the past few years most of us single girls have found new loves and brought them into the group, introducing a new group of their own friends and growing our circle larger and larger by the day. This morning was the first time in months we had all been together and in that time we had a lot of announcements to share: two marriages, two pregnancies, one move across the country, another move to the other side of the globe, and 3 (maybe 4!) upcoming weddings.


Life happens. And it’s pretty awesome.

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