9 weeks


I have some catching up to do… our weekly pregnancy photos began the week we announced that we were expecting… 9 weeks. I’ve seen a lot of women take a photo in front of the same empty wall in their house, with the same chalkboard, holding a piece of fruit that represents the baby’s size that week, etc. etc. etc. But seriously… the likelihood that I will actually go to the store and buy a kumquat for a photo is slim to none and we don’t even have an empty wall in this house. So there goes that idea.

Instead, we decided to use the same frame from our pregnancy announcement and take a picture wherever we are, whatever we’re doing. So in addition to our weekly “bump photo” or non-bump photo as it seemed this week, I’ll also include all the nitty gritty details of my somewhat normal and probably not so interesting day-to-day life. So here it goes!

Big news of the week… I officially changed my name at the DMV, Social Security office, and the bank. Whew. We also announced our pregnancy to the world. No big deal.

We announced our pregnancy on facebook, of course, with a “We’ve been naughty” photo of Blake and I at a Christmas tree farm. We took the photos ourselves with a handy dandy tripod. Gotta love it. We probably took over 300 photos. We’re ridiculous.  We also shared our news with our close friends at our third annual neighborhood/friends Christmas party. The guys always do a bottle exchange and wrap a nice bottle of liquor as a gift.  We wrapped a huge baby bottle thinking this would be an obvious message.

Not so much. Blake added a note that said “You’re gift will arrive in July, 2014. Merry Christmas, from the Robersons.” It still took a few seconds for it to even register with our friends but they eventually got the message. The baby bottle was used as a cup the rest of the night.


Oh and the girls thought a little cherry tomato photo was in order!

9 weeks

Sunday night was our ritual “Sunday dinner” at the fire station, which is a tradition we have kept since we started dating. Blake works every third Sunday so I always make it up there for dinner and the guys know to expect me.

31 weeks and counting!

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