Five months ago today, I was driving down the OBX without a clue in the world what would be waiting for me when I arrived.

I had been invited to join in on a firefighter (and wives) beach weekend by a guy I had talked to only a few times on the phone and exchanged emails back and forth 4 days earlier.  I was definitely going out on a limb and trusting God that I wouldn’t get kidnapped and chopped into little pieces. And it certainly paid off. I had the most wonderful weekend with this guy and we stayed up for hours laying in the driveway staring out at the stars. We talked about life: relationships,  future goals, hopes and dreams, careers, and everything else under the sun. Our first date was 24 hours long and was a life-changing experience because that night was the night I met the man who I will spend my life with.

We have had the most epic summer full of vacations and date nights, dance parties and get togethers. We are so alike it sometimes makes me wonder how we even found one another. (Thanks, God.)

I look forward to the time we have ahead of us and look back with many smiles on the time we’ve had so far.

Blake, thank you for loving me, respecting me, and spoiling me. I have never felt so lucky.

Love you.


  1. I am so thankful for him as well. You are always happy, but it makes my heart glad to see how well he treats you. We are blessed.

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