Hey, let’s paint the office!

My beloved “office” has really been used more as a storage unit for the last 6 months since Ashley moved down the street. One by one, items began to collect in this room: shoe boxes, books, Orchestrated props, wedding stuff, picture frames, photo boxes, a collection of vinyl records, cleaning supplies, holiday decorations… you name it, it was probably in my office. Unfortunately, the “office” wasn’t a very functional office since I didn’t even want to walk through the door much less do anything productive in that room.

So I was helping a friend paint her living room one Saturday afternoon and I mentioned that I had always wanted to paint my office grey, so we decided on a whim to paint my office later that evening.  I drove to Home Depot, picked out a grey color that I liked, moved all the boxes and other crap to the middle of the room, laid down tape and tarps, and started painting. only to realize that they grey color I had chosen was actually a very sickly “We’re Expecting!” color of periwinkle.   Since I am NOT expecting any time soon, and since this periwinkle isn’t even CLOSE to the grey I was hoping for, my painting spree was abruptly ended that weekend.

Blake to the rescue. We drove back to Home Depot a week later and hunkered down in front of the zillion available paint colors to figure out which one we liked the best with the cream desk. (That thing weighs like 800 pounds so it’s NEVER moving).  He was such a great sport, walking into a paint store knowing that I had absolutely no clue what I wanted and showing his amazing patience throughout the next hour while I pulled every possible color combination paint card off the wall until we finally decided on a shade of dark turquoise. 

We eventually made it back home and transformed my still-very-messy periwinkle room into an atleast-it-has-some-potential office.  I’ll have to post more picture once we re-arrange (AKA: throw away or donate) most of the crap that’s in there. 

Those vinyls records though?  They’re staying. 🙂


  1. So you didn’t paint behind the desk?! haha…..classic! keep the paint can just in case 🙂
    p.s. it looks great

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