God opens the door

I have been so blessed recently to share my faith with people close to me.  It never ceases to amaze me how God continues to open doors of ministry even when I am not actively in any ministry position as I have been during previous years of my life.

One friend told me, at a bar of all places, that he has been reading the Bible regularly and was retelling me stories from Genesis and Exodus, stories of faith and promise, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Moses and the people of Israel. I didn’t ask many questions because I’ve learned over the years that sometimes it’s better to just let people talk and work through it on their own and process what God is doing in their lives and when God wants your interjections and questions, He’ll let you know.

Another person is asking me so many amazing questions about God, faith, Christianity, religion, other religions, and how it all fits together. I’ve done pretty well being able to answer all of these questions although I still fear that one of them will stump me, but God shows me over and over again that I do know the answers, I do have the knowledge and understanding to help someone else through the common yet daunting questions that face every non-believer.

And last is a girl who seems to be more of an  all-roads-lead-to-the-same-place kind of person.  She read The Shack recently and wanted me to read it so she could ask me questions and talk it over. I tried reading it in one day but that just didn’t happen. I finished it last night at the beach house in Duck and can’t wait to begin that conversation.

It’s not about me. It’s not about the “ministry” I’m involved in. It’s not about how often Igo to church, how often I read my Bible, or how often I attend Bible study, it’s about how I live.  Each one of these people knows that I am a Christian but had never seen me at church, reading my Bible, or in a Bible study. They’ve never seen me in a ministry setting and they’ve never seen that part of my life.  But that “part”… that part where God is, is my entire life. That “ministry” is my entire life and apparently they did see that.

I am so grateful for the opportunities He is giving me and I look forward to the relationships He is building between me and His children around me.


  1. 12sandyfeet says:

    Yep Meghan, it’s how you live! That is so great that other people, besides your family who know you so well, can see this in you. Keep on shining your light 🙂

  2. we still need to have that conversation.

    “the shack” girl.


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