Three Things I Keep In My Car

Phone charger – mine always dies during the day so I’ll run errands during my lunch hour just so I can charge my phone in the car.

Lotion – I’m obsessed with the coconut lotion I found at Ulta and now I keep a bottle in my car at all times.

Jumper cables – I used to keep jumper cables in my car for my own benefit when I had Frank, but now I just keep them so I can pass along the favor when someone else needs a jump.


  1. 12sandyfeet says:

    Those 3 things are reflective of your life Meg:
    1) you are busy and always involved in something
    2) you always take pleasure of where you are in life (the beach/coconuts!)
    3) you are always willing to do for others, even if it’s extra trouble for you!
    what a girl you are! so happy to have you in our lives 🙂

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