Orchestrated’s Yellow & Grey Shoot – Published!

Chelsea and I almost died the first time we found out that one of our shoots, our very first shoot, would be published on a wedding blog. We started creating Orchestrated Stylized Shoots out of a pure desire to create.  We considered the possibility that someone else besides us might be interested in what we’re doing, but never really imagined the interest we would receive over our shoots.  I cried when she told me that Yellow & Grey was getting published.  A few days later she had received word that ALL of our shoots to date were accepted for publication on various blogs.  Craziness!

See Orchestrated: Yellow & Grey Backyard Soiree on Oh Lovely Day.


  1. 12sandyfeet says:

    so cool but doesn’t surprise me! you girls really know how to create a beautiful yet simple setting!! and I always love your models 🙂 congratulations~

  2. meg- first of all, i feel famous. secondly, congrats on all of your amazing wedding shoots being published, you’re so legit!!

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