The Best Things Come in Threes

We’ve all heard that line that the best things come in threes, so I’m beginning a new blog series called “Three Things.”  I’m not sure how many of these I will do or how long it’ll last but I’ll begin here:

Three Things I Always Have:

Driver’s license

Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

Extra hair tie



  1. 12sandyfeet says:

    That way you can go anywhere and look beautiful doing it.
    My list would need more like 6 things, including lip color, blush, mascara, concealer, hairdryer…okay more like 8 things…. and a big bag to put it all in.

    • Hahaha! You’re too funny. Maybe I’ll include more items in my list called “Things I overpack on vacation”…

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