Waiting for Orchestrated Photos

My dear friends Shannon and Katie were models for our photo shoot today.  They were kinda nervous about being “models” since neither of them have any modeling experience, but I reassured them that they’d be fine and comfortable throughout the whole shoot.  After it was finished, they both said they had a lot of fun, and I think after talking to each other about how much fun they had, they realized that it was the best day of their entire lives and keep reliving it over and over again.

We had plans to go out, bu right now, we’re all sitting around my living room with our various technological facebook-stalking devices waiting for photos to pop up of them from the shoot.  We have “liked” and commented  on nearly every photo of them that’s posted and we comment back and forth literally within seconds of each other.  This is ridiculous, but absolutely hilarious all at the same time.

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