Listening to… Jamie Cullum

I don’t think I have adequately recognized, appreciated, or discussed how much I am absolutely in love with Jamie Cullum.  Who the heck is Jamie Cullum, you say?  He’s the top selling jazz artist of all time… in England.  So that’s probably why you haven’t heard of him, and if you already know his music, congratulations.  You’ve just been upgraded on the ladder of coolness.

I’ve been a singer all my life and it is the only thing that has been the constant throughout my years of elementary, middle school, high school, college, and into adulthood (although realistically, the only time I sing anymore is in my car or in the shower or in my living room while I’m cleaning).  I love music, I love singing, and because I have this appreciation for music and singing, I also love guys that can sing.  (I know all girls love guys that can sing, but when a girl can sing and her guy cannot, she learns to appreciate those talented guys all the more.)

Enter Jamie Cullum stage left. Gorgeous, British accent, plays the piano, and can sing his lungs out.  Oh, and he’s funny… which just makes him that much more awesome.

He is amazingly talented and also amazingly popular, just not so much in the U.S. as he is in other countries.  Unfortunately.  So here are some of my favorite videos of Jamie performing and hopefully you’ll learn to appreciate him as much as I do!  I think we need to bring him to VB.  Just sayin’.  I’ll volunteer to be his driver. And dinner buddy.  And date for the movies.

These Are the Days – favorite Jamie Cullum song of all time.

All At Sea – my 2nd favorite.  It’s the first song I listen to when I lay out at the beach.

If I Ruled the World – live on BBC, really shows you how popular he is across the water.

Turn Me On – duet with Norah Jones.

Hallelujah, I Love Her So – duet with Hugh Laurie, AKA: House.

He also does Jamie-fied renditions of Gold Digger, Single Ladies, Someone Like You, Please Don’t Stop the Music, and Frontin’. 

Like him. Love him. Buy his music. Then let’s all fly to England to see him in concert.


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