Oh girls





How is it that girls who meet through their boyfriends can end up becoming good friends even when the couples break up, or when the guys are fighting, or when they’re just lame? You know how?  Because we’re girls. We care about each other  even when we’re just “fringe friends” for a while, acquaintances through the boys.  Sometimes they stay just “so-and-so’s girlfriend” but then sometimes you discover that there are those girls who honestly and genuinely care about you, and you care about them too. And you remain friends.  That’s the story of me, Abbie, Jessica, and Ashley.  We all met through the guys, we couldn’t be more different from one another, and the guys relationships aren’t even close to the same as they were when we all met.  I don’t even talk to the guy who introduced them to me and in all reality the other guys don’t really talk to him much either, one of the girls is married to her guy and has a 4 year old, and the other girls’ respective guys aren’t speaking to each other over who knows what reason.  And thus, we are still friends.  We had dinner last night, which turned into a fantastic Girls Night and we already have plans to hang out again in a week and a half, and then again a few days after that.  Some girls can be so dramatic but when you find the right ones, they can also be pretty awesome.


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