Relaxation at its best

North Captiva Island, on the west coast of Florida, doesn’t have much “entertainment” so to speak.  There are only 3 restaurants on the entire island and two of them really only count as one because they separated one restaurant into two different areas.  There is also a pool bar at the neighborhood pool and a small store.  You can rent kayaks near the store and two-for-one restaurant and other than that, you have to make you’re own fun.  And this is the precise area of life where we Gwaltneys excel.  We can entertain ourselves til the cows come home, as they say.  I guess the reason we’re all loving this vacation is not so much that we can entertain ourselves, but more because we’re just fine sitting around and enjoying the day.  We can sit out on the deck reading books, listening to music, I write in my journal while Cam edits a video for church, Mom and Dad explore the island on their golf carts, and at any given time one of us is probably taking a nap.  It’s kind of the greatest vacation ever, just when we needed it.

A week off.

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