Drive it like you stole it

We just got pulled over for driving a stolen car.

Should I even explain???


  1. I want to know what happened…

    • Ok, so here’s the story: his license plates were stolen while he was stationed in Japan and since they’re personalized plates, he reported them stolen but then got the same ones at the DMV (assuming they would record this somewhere). Well, apparently they didn’t. The cop comes up to us with his hand on his gun and asks Ben to step out of the car. Bad news. I have no idea what’s going on and not knowing the back story, I am totally freaking after Ben comes back to tell me a few minutes later that the car is coming up stolen on the computers. It’s a super nice BMW and it’s black, and we had 22″ rims sitting in the back seat, so it kinda fit the profile. Eventually he was able to explain what happened and they confirmed it with DMV, but in the meantime the cop asked what his plates said, and then laughed when he heard the response. Here Ben is, driving around in a gorgeous BMW and his plates say “no college”.


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