Sous Chef Meghan

I have serious texture issues. One time I had to eat a pea during one of my feeding therapy sessions with a 3 year-old and I almost hurled over a single pea. But I have a chef in my kitchen right now and when I asked how I could help with dinner (I have “cook a gourmet meal” on my Bucket List) he gave me the task squishing chunks of cooked pumpkin with graham cracker, cinnamon, cumin, mascarpone cheese, fried rosemary and a daggon raw egg. (Insert the sound of Meghan vomiting.) But you can’t offer to help and then back down because the bowl in front of you is a living breathing texture aversion nightmare. So I earned my honorary title of sous chef for the night. šŸ™‚ Oh, and I made ravioli too!!!


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