Oh, Frank.

My car Frank has been through many years of fun with me. He’s driven up and down the East Coast from upstate New York all the way down to Miami. And although Frank has been a loyal car without many problems overall despite his note-worthy 214,000 miles, I think hes beginning to retaliate. This morning my interior door handle broke into pieces. I would just roll down the driver’s side window and stick my hand out to open the door from the outside, but my window gets stuck down so that’s not really a plausible option. Looks like I’ll be crawling out the passenger side.
Frank, I love you. But I just don’t think this is working anymore.


  1. that happened to me!! had to roll window down and open the door from outside handle, for like 6 months, then in January, window decided to not roll back up! had to drive with a parka on-hood up! hahahaha, but was an inexpensive, easy fix: who knew!?!?!


  1. […] except to use those names when I’m showing my absolute disgust (“Seriously Frank?  You’re making me climb through the driver’s side door? Rrrrgh!”) but I have not yet had to do that with my new car because she is fabulous.  She […]

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